Christmas Gifts and Ornaments for $10 or Less Highlights #1

Thanks so much to all of you for linking up some amazing and creative gifts and ornaments!!! It was really a hard choice to choose a highlight…. so I’m picking TWO!!!

I’m lovin’ the crochet hook holder tutorial that Wendy from the Crafter’s Apprentice made! Gosh, it’s a great tutorial. I think I could even sew one of these babies!!!

 I could think of sew so (couldn’t resist) many people to give this to on my Christmas List! Including ME!!!!

My 2nd choice is the map ornament that Barb from Turtles and Tails made.
Our family travels to Europe every year. I love the idea of making an ornament from the maps that we buy when we are in another country. I’d throw some clear glitter on this puppy and hang a charm on it so I’d know which ornament was from where. Barb, just like Wendy, has a great tutorial on how to make this awesome ornament.
Next is Bonnie from A Wee Meenit
 It is my first link party, so it was alot of pressure for me!! I was so thrilled with everyone who came and shared as well as viewed our STUFF!But it was so hard to decide, I ended up choosing 2.

The first is from Lauren at All Things Home and her DIY photo coasters!

She makes this look super easy and the possibilities of decorating
with tiles are endless!
I went to the Habitat Restore today in St. Louis, for the first time
JUST so I could go get some tiles!!
I am torn between family photos or my kids artwork.
Hmmm, you will have to check back to see.


Next I chose the Super Easy Tinsel Wreath from Rain on a Tin Roof  (cause who doesn’t like rain on a tin roof!)
I have a thing for Tinsel. My Grandmother used to work in a tinsel factory when she was young. Every time I put it on my tree I think of her. But I have never thought of decorating elsewhere with it, stay tuned!!!

I can’t wait to see what you all link up this week! Don’t forget to grab our button and spread the word!

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