A Christmas Gift Idea For Under $10

One of my MOST favorite traditions during the holiday season is baking yummy cookies and whipping up a batch of my special toffee, wrapping it in something festive and giving it to friends and neighbors.  This year, I’ve decided that I’m going to honor my friends who are trying to live a more healthy lifestyle.  For them, I’m making a gift that is CALORIE FREE.  Not too exciting you say?  Well, wait until you see this.

Here is the equation:

 EPOXY   +   CHRYSTAL   +   SUCCULENT   +   DIRT   +   PLANTING POT   =  ?

COST = $3.50

Can you guess?

Any ideas?




Keep going…

Pretty darn cute huh?

Most plants will need some sort of drainage.  The good thing about succulents is they don’t need a whole lot of water and they don’t need a whole lot of drainage – so no worries about holes in the bottom of the pot.  Another good thing about succulents? It’s hard to kill them!

1.  Attach your candle stick holder to the pot with a high strength 5 minute (or quick dry) Epoxy.  I purchased mine at Michael’s.
2.  Plant your succulent.

That’s it folks!!! An easy and healthy Christmas gift for under $10.

How cute would this be sitting in a kitchen window?