Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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Are you looking for a quick and easy Teacher Appreciation Gift?

Oh, I remember the days when all 4 of my children needed something to give to their teacher’s at the end of the year.  It was always so much fun coming up with something that ALL OF THEM would be happy with… yup, joy to THAT one!

This time of year is like the holiday season with the end of the year parties, the gifts, planning a summer vacation… craziness!  Not to mention the extra energy they have! Darn them for being so happy :-).

Hopefully, these ideas will lighten your load!  By the way, all of the links to each one of these adorable, creative, simple and cheap ideas have free downloads AND tutorials.  Awesome!

For the “Mrs.”, “Ms.” or “Miss” Teacher

1.  Dry Erase Bouquet from Happy Scrapps

2.  I Couldn’t Have Picked… A Better Teacher! from Dixie Delights

3.  Water Glasses from Lisa Storms

4.  Mini Oreo Apple Pops from The Crafting Chicks

5.  Flower Pot from The Weekend Homemaker

6.  Cookie Jar from Home Is Where They Love You

What about the “Mr.” Appreciation Gifts?
Here are 6 more great ideas!

1.  Sharpies and Smarties from Little Pumpkin Grace

2.  M & M’s Teach from Domestically-Speaking

3.  We Need S’More Teachers Like You! from Key Ingredient

4.  Simply the Best! From Be Fickle

5.  Grilling Kit for a job “Well Done” from Mom On Time Out

6.  There Is No “Sub” stitute for a Teacher Like You! from The Creative Homemaker

I hope this helps you out a bit.  I wish I was in your place…
yes, even trying to come up with making all my children happy with one gift.

My baby is graduating next week from high school.
The years go by fast.
Enjoy every single stinkin’ day with them.
They are treasures.

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