Summer Bucket List – Thursdays With Tracie

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Last year was the first time I had heard of a
“Summer Bucket List”

I love lists!!!!
That is the only way I ever get anything done!!!!!

So last summer, I began my own summer bucket list by writing down all the things I wanted to do with the kids for the summer and I stuck it on the fridge.  I am proud to say we finished everything on the list!  The only thing was, by the end of the summer the list was a mangled mess!

This year, I wanted to figure out a way to track all of the fun summer things we will be doing. I love the idea of looking back with the kids and seeing everything we have done for the summer!   Our bucket list needs to be hung up high (a mommy’s level) otherwise it will be used as a teething ring, paper airplane, or a mop!  So this is what I came up with:

I found this cute clipboard at Target in the dollar spot. I got out my scrapbook paper, letters, sharpies, summer stickers and a pack of clothespins.

On one side of the clothespin I wrote what we want to do this summer. Some of the items on our list are camping, tie dye, banana split night, library program, Splash Park, build a fort and Legoland.  On the other side of the clothespins I wrote “We did it!!”

My plan is to start with everything on one side and when we complete it, I will flip the clothes pin around to the other side (the side that says, “We did it!”) and by the end of the summer we hopefully will have all the clothespins flipped!!!

 With my Bored Jar and my Bucket List, I am ready for the summer!!

Thanks Mandy for having me!!!

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