Day 3 Breast Cancer Fact and Thrifting

Good Morning…almost afternoon.  I’ve been sitting most of the morning with my Mom…she is having some minor surgery.  They had her check in at 9:30am this morning and her surgery isn’t until 2:30pm.  Ridiculous! Of course, she is STARVING…thank goodness they have Wifi in the hospital.  I’m actually kind of enjoying it…what else do I have to do besides check out all my favorite blogs and link to parties? NOTHING! 🙂

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Day 3 of 31

Day 3 Commitment:

Research has found that pomegranates may help prevent breast cancer. Chemicals called ellagitannins block the production of estrogen, which can fuel some types of breast cancer.

Smith, Rebecca. “Eating Pomegranates May Help Prevent Breast Cancer.” The Telegraph. January 5, 2010. Accessed: January 19, 2011.

Last Thursday, all morning I said to myself, “Mandy, you are not going to any thrift stores today.  Instead of buying more stuff, you need to get to work on the stuff you already have!” (Those are the kinds of conversations I have with myself)…. this thrifting “hobby” is seriously becoming a problem with me! It’s the HUNT that I enjoy!!! It’s not like it costs a whole lotta mula, it’s more about not having a whole lotta room. I live in California…I don’t have a basement like a lot of my lucky blogging friends do.  I soooo have basement envy.

Long story short I ended up thrift shopping…I know, not a whole lot of discipline here (I warned you in my bio!).  I was just going to go to 1 store that was on the way to the grocery store…well it’s a few blocks over….then I ended up going to 4 thrift stores!!!  But you’ll see….I got some good stuff!

Look at all of this! I also got 2 pumpkins (the ones I made for Breast Cancer Awareness you can click here to see them), a 3 tiered candy dish (that I will show you soon – part of my Halloween decorations) and a mirror (you’ll see when you scroll to the bottom).  Guess how much??? $65!!!!! For ALL of it!!!! Oh, and that “tubey thing” in the middle of the grape vine wreath has a bunch of vinyl fleurdelis!

$3.50 for that marble cheese tray!


I’m not to sure about the fruit…. see the wicker tray underneath? I was able to use that in my Halloween decor which I will post this week.  I have one more thing to do before it’s finished!

Then, this awesome mirror $20

Not sure what color to paint the mirror.  Any ideas?  I’d love to hear what all of you think!

Now see, if I hadn’t of gone thrift shopping I wouldn’t have found all this awesome stuff! Right?

My plan is to post my Halloween mantel on Thursday.  Hope you come back to see.

Thanks for stopping by.  See you tomorrow…