Does Your Child Have An Activity Bag?

I’m thrilled and honored to inform you that my step-daughter, Tracie, will be joining me on Project Queen!  She will be featured twice a month sharing with you some ideas and tips on how she manages her life with 4 very active boys.


Thank you Mandy for inviting me! I am so excited to be here with you today and share a little bit of my crazy and wonderful life!  I am blessed to be a stay at home mom of 4 amazing boys. Yes, you read that right four!! As you can imagine, life with 4 very active little boys is never boring!! Every day is a new adventure and I am ALWAYS looking for ways to keep my little ones entertained without breaking the bank.

The boys love to visit the library (which I’m thankful for because it’s cheap!).  Besides the usual books, CD’s, computer games, and DVD’s, our library has Story Time Bags (the boys call them the “BAG”) and they absolutely love these!

A few weeks ago,  my 3 year old fell and bit through his cheek (life as a mother of boys).  I’ll spare you the gory details… let’s just say it was bad.  Thankfully my husband was home from work so I was able to rush with him (paper towel stuffed in his mouth) to the emergency room.  As I was unbuckling him from his car seat, I saw the BAG and grabbed it . Have you ever been in an ER for 5 hours with a 3 yr old??  Yes, the BAG was a lifesaver!! !

The BAG’s theme was “Dinosaurs”.  

It had 8 books inside with puppets, flannels and magnets.

It kept my busy little boy entertained and the doctors and nurses were all very impressed that I was such a wonderfully prepared mother (we don’t need to burst their bubble and tell them that the only reason the BAG was in my car is because it was overdue and I probably owed more than the bag was worth right???) 🙂

After the success of entertaining a 3 year old for 5 hours in the emergency room, I realized I needed one of these bags at all times!!!! SO I went right to work!

My first bag was a simple “Activity Bag”, which I keep in my car all the time.  I hide it in the compartment where my car jack is :-).  I purchased a zippered bag from the thrift store and the rest of the items came from the 99 Cent Store.  I added some fun printables and the boy’s favorite granola bars.  The whole BAG cost me about $7.

I cannot tell you how handy these bags have been!

Here is my latest one on “Bears”.

I found the bag and all the books from the thrift store.

I made the little flannel board, Goldilocks and the Three Bears set.
(My kids love the flannel stories)
Total cost – $10

Now, we have our own “BAG”…
and this mother of 4 energetic boys doesn’t have to pay late fees!

Thank you Tracie!
(she isn’t kidding when she says 4 ACTIVE boys!)

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  1. this is fabulous news! i really look forward to the new addition and your bags are FABULOUS!!!!! : ) hope to talk with you soon! : ) hugs…
    andrea cammarata recently posted..Jewelry Hanger DIY Tutorial…Saucer no Cup? No problem!My Profile

  2. So cute, Tracie! You need to post this on parties mom.

  3. Carrie Lynn says:

    Welcome Tracie! Loved your post. My boys are in college now but totally remember those crazy days and trying to keep them occupied. This would have been a great idea. Might have to use it on my grandkids someday though. 🙂 Take care sweetie. Bless you and your “boys!”

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