Buffet Turned Into an Entertainment Center

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful and relaxing summer!

It’s been pretty quiet around here.  We took a wonderful Disney Cruise to the Caribbean the last week of June.  That was so much fun!  There were 15 of us and my 6 grandsons had a wonderful time!  I will post pics…. but first I want to show you what I FINALLY finished.

I bought a buffet a few years ago for $120.  It was in beautiful condition – my plan was to paint and sell.  As I was painting it, it dawned on me, “Hey, this would be a great entertainment center”.   I proceeded to paint it in cream and black and put it into our tv room.  (I actually have a tv room now… I was tired of our great room being all about the tv!) Best thing I ever did!

I had our wood finishing guy come out and install piano hinges on the doors and then my husband mounted the tv to the back of the unit (which swivels and pulls out) and there it sat for another year….

I’m not fond of the hot summers here in Fresno…. so I have been trying to work on projects in the house.  Yesterday, I finally decided to finish this project up!  Here it is:


I can’t believe how long I procrastinated finishing this project up.  I had the fabric, staple gun and everything!  Guess how long it took me to put the metal inserts back in and staple the fabric in?  One hour.  That’s it!  One hour!  And I put it off for over a year!  Sheez…. hate it when I do stuff like that.


I used a brand of paint called Caramel Colors (Wisteria and Peppercorn) and the BEST PART? No primer underneath (yay!).  I sanded and sanded, wiped it down  and finished it off with Annie Sloan’s dark wax.


Here it is with the doors folded back and and open.  The TV can be pulled out and swiveled and rotates up and down.

I’m lovin’ it!!!

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  1. Mandy,this looks awesome! So impressed!!

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