Breakfast At Tiffany’s

One of my MOST favorite things to do in the morning is get a nice, fresh, hot cup of coffee, slip my glasses on (because I can’t see a darned thing up close anymore) and BLOG STALK! What’s this you say?  It’s clicking on a blog, that takes you to another blog, and so on…sometimes I get so deep in “clicking other blogs” that I don’t even know the blog I started from!!! I could sit for hours and do this…kinda like Pinterest :).

This morning, I came upon a crazy quilt that I was mesmerized with and I just had to show it to you..WARNING: No Christmas Theme Here…. Just a whole lotta lovely Tiffany Blue.  Tiffany?  Are you thinking Audrey Hepburn? Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Diamonds? New York?

Now, check out this amazing work of art by Susan from Plays With Needles .

Susan Elliott 2011


Absolutely amazing.  Susan’s project was 3 years in the making.  She has such wonderful “story book” posts that go along with her artwork from reading the book, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to visiting Tiffany’s in New York.  She even beaded in an heirloom that reminds her of her mother.
So, while you are waking up this morning and getting that coffee or tea on board you have to take a walk over to read Susan’s story that inspired her to create this beautiful work of art.
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  1. I thought I was the only weird person that Blog Stalked! I’M NOT ALONE!!! This is how I came upon your wonderful site…which I am so glad I did. Thanks for another great post Mandy!

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