Big Brother and Big Sister Gifts

I hope everyone has been enjoying these final weeks of summer.

We have had a great summer, which included two new members being added to our family!  No, not me!!  Four boys is where I am stopping!

I had two new nephews born within a couple months of each other.  Second best thing to being a mom is being an Auntie!  Wouldn’t you agree?

When I was pregnant with my youngest, a very dear friend of mine put together wonderful little baskets for my older boys and they loved them!  I decided to make a similar gift for my older nieces and nephew so they wouldn’t feel left out when their baby brothers received a bunch of gifts at the shower that I was going to be attending.

Instead of a basket, I decided to use cloth tote bags that I purchased from Joann’s.   I also purchased two iron-on transfers that said “Big Brother” and “Big Sister”. I knew that my nieces and nephew already had the T-shirts that said, “Big Brother”/”Big Sister”, so I didn’t add those, but wouldn’t it be a great idea?

For my two nieces, I made journals from composition books.  I created the covers with a digital scrapbook kit and glued them on.  I also made photo albums to match. I got lip glosses, nail polishes and some other little fun goodies and added them into the bag.

For my nephew, I got him a collection of Cars’ goodies with a book about “Big Brothers”.  I added a disposable camera so he can take his own pictures of his new baby brother and a photo album to put them into (see main picture at the beginning of this post).

There is SO MUCH you can do with these Big Brother/Big Sister gift bags.  After I attended the showers (my nieces and nephew LOVED their gifts),  I came across a book called, The Big Sibling Book: Babies First Year According To ME .  This book would have been perfect for my gift bags!

Have you given any Big Brother/Big Sister gifts?
If so, I would love to hear about them.

  Have a great week everyone!
Thanks Mandy for having me.

A Crafty Soiree

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