Bed Re-Do

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I FINALLY finished Madison’s bed.  Yes, she left for college last week.  I will have to make a trip down there (oh darn, it’s 73 degrees there compared to 100 degrees here).  My problem?  Finding the time.  This month’s schedule is crazy!

I found her bed at our local Hinds Hospice Thrift Store.  Only $65! I couldn’t pass it up.

It had a small crack in the top of the head board. So I  filled it with some plastic wood filler and sanded it down with a fine grit sand paper.

I decided to paint it with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint (ASCP) in Old White.  Here’s a hint that I learned from my stockist, Vicki, at 3 Oaks Studio, here in Fresno.  Apply your first layer of paint and let it dry (dries super fast), then dip your paint brush into water and then into your paint.  This will help you create a very smooth surface with the ASCP.  This is a good method to use for table tops.  Don’t mix the water into your paint.

After the paint was dry (I usually wait until the following day if I’m going to distress it), I used a fine grit piece of sand paper and sanded the surface very lightly until it was smooth.  You don’t have to do this, but I like the way it looks.  It smooths out all of the imperfections – like my drips!  Then with my palm sander and my electric sander I distressed it with a medium grit sand paper.  I removed most of the dust with a clean, dry paint brush (gets all the dust out of the grooves and corners) and then wiped with a tack cloth.  I was ready for Annie Sloan’s Soft Wax, which comes in clear and dark.

I first applied my clear wax and then I waited a few days before I buffed it out.  I’ve found the best way to know when to buff the wax is when the cloth doesn’t “drag/stick” on the wax.  Don’t be surprised if it takes several days to dry.

I decided I wanted to add some dark wax to the bed, but I didn’t want it to be super dark.  So, I mixed the clear and the dark together.

You can see in the picture how dark the wax is before I mixed with the clear wax.

Using a small paint brush I began applying the wax in all of the little cracks and crevices, wiping off some of the wax with a rag (I use an old t-shirt – no lint) as I went along.  On the large parts of the bed, I applied the wax with an Italian Wax Brush  (I love these brushes for large areas).

At this point, it was around 1:30 in the afternoon and I was getting hot (I was in the kitchen doing this – too hot outside).  Made a trip over to the thermometer and it read 82 degrees! Turned that puppy down to 77 degrees (sorry hubby but my wax wasn’t agreeing with me).  Here is what my wax was looking like:

I was getting these little gummy wax balls!!! So I took my cloth and very lightly wiped off the gummy balls.  Then I moved on to the larger area of the bed (the middle rung on the foot board).  I worked and worked and worked.  Annie and I had a few words (she didn’t know it though – it probably sounds pretty when she argues in French)…I stood back and this is what it looked like:

PFFFFFFFTTTTTT….It was so bad! Isn’t it awful???? I could just hear Annie,  “Well if it’s too dark or you don’t like it,  just apply more clear wax” (“Bien si elle est trop sombre ou vous ne l’aimez pas, tout s’appliquent plus clair de cire” – see how pretty that sounds?), well I did folks and it looked even worse. Then, my hubby brought me this…

…and life got better.  You know the rules about this beer, right? This is an alcoholic beverage that you can drink BEFORE 5:00pm. It’s thirst quenching, light and only 100 calories (trust me, this was a good thing – I was ready for a chilled, gin, a little bit dirty, martini and at this point friends, I didn’t care what time of the day it was!!).  I drank my beer, stood back and contemplated the issue at hand. Maybe it’s too hot and the wax is drying too quickly?  Maybe my brush needs to be cleaned?  I decided to take off the wax,  get up early in the morning and try it again when the weather was cooler. One of the great things about this wax, is it comes right off with paint thinner!

The next morning it was so much cooler – like 25 degrees cooler!  I applied the wax again using the same method (clear and dark wax mixed in a bowl).  It went on soooo smoothly with NO gummy wax balls!   I have to say I love how it turned out!  I ♥ you Annie Sloan! (Je vous aime Annie Sloan!)

What do you think?

Not bad huh?

I love the detail in this bed.

So, the moral of the story is don’t try to wax your furniture when it’s over 80 degrees!!!  Truthfully, that was the only hard part about this project.  Yes, it did get daunting….but I did it and SO CAN YOU!

P.S. I love taking all my pictures outside just when the sun is setting. I couldn’t get my hubby to bring out the mattress and bedding (he looked at me like I was crazy).  Wouldn’t that have been beautiful? The bed all set up in the back yard?

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  1. I think it turned out gorgeous! Thanks for the tips on using the wax. I have just started painting my chairs Paris Grey. It is a slow process for me so I figure if I do one chair a day (there are 4) plus the table base I might have the first coat done by Sunday. Then I am going to use a thinner coat of Old White over the Paris Grey. I will wait until it is good and dry and apply the clear wax wait until it is dry buff and then add a very small amount of the dark wax in areas I want to highlight. We’ll see how it goes.

    You sound just like me. If you don’t like the way it looks start over…Which I have done many times. LOL LOL

    Thanks so much for the tutorial.


  2. I love it! So glad that you include your “trial and, most importantly error.” I have just started with this furniture restoration and while some projects go smooth, others are more hilly. Thanks for sharing and I LoVe your blog.

  3. You did a great job on the bed. I love it! I haven’t tried the ASCP yet but really want to. I guess I need to break down and pay the extra money and get some! Sounds like it’s worth it.

  4. I love how the headboards turned out. Sometimes it is all trial and error. Thanks for joining my newbie party, I just joined your party too.

  5. wow, mandy! that is gorgeous! i love the distressing on it- it seriously looks amazing!

  6. Love it, great job Mandy!
    Let me know the ins & outs of the link party & what you Would do next time!!

  7. Love the Bed. It looks great. Thanks for the invite to your party.

  8. fantastic job! It looks beautiful!!


  9. You did an awesome job, Mandy – and your husband did an awesome job bringing the beer!

  10. Taking a step back is usually a good thing! Glad you were able to do so and get your bed to work. It looks awesome!

  11. This is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, you did a great job on it 🙂

  12. Wow the bed really turned out great! Love it!

  13. what a difference
    a day can make

    and yes

    tres chic

    i adore how the bed turned out
    wax balls and all

    and yes
    arguing in french
    always sounds prettier than english

    i know
    because my high school bestie
    was french
    and she and her mum
    argued a lot…;)

    thanks for sharing with fridays unfolded!


  14. Well worth the work! It turned out great.

  15. Visiting you from Flamingo Toes! What a cute redo on the bed! It’s about time I redid my own iron bed, and this is certainly inspirational. I am linked right after you on flamingo toes, and I just wanted to say hello!

  16. Um, this bed is gorgeous! You are hilarious and I love your honesty! I am following you back from the Creative Bloggers Bloghop!

  17. It turned out awesome! I love it!

  18. Love how that turned out!!
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!

  19. Hi Mandy, The bed turned out wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this project at the Open House party.

  20. The bed is gorgeous. I’ll keep the tip about waxing when it’s above 80 in mind!

    Thank you for linking to Potpourri Friday. I appreciated your participation. Sorry I’m so tardy in commenting, but I’ve been away for the past four days. Hope to see you again this week!

  21. I think it turned out amazing! Well worth the time and effort you put into it 🙂 Thanks so much for linking this up to Thrifty Thursday.

  22. Thanks for linking up to the Creative Genius Link Party! Don’t forget to link up again Friday!

  23. Fantastic work! Love the new look. Thanks for sharing!

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