Bathroom Tile

Happy Labor Day! I hope that everyone is having a relaxing 3-day weekend.

The bathroom re-do is coming along.  OF COURSE, we ran into some problems…what else is new?  Isn’t anything easy-peasy anymore????

I purchased the green tile last year from Lowes on clearance.  I loved the color.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  We figured out how much I needed and then purchased extra.

Last weekend my son-in-law Brandon, demos the bathroom (see bathroom demo blog here) counts the tiles and says, “You don’t have enough.”  What the heck?  I call Lowes and of course, they don’t have it…no where to be found.  Ebay has it for $17.00 a box but it will cost almost $80 a box with shipping!  Yea, I jumped right on that one. Ha!

Brandon and I head to Lowes and Home Depot to figure out what other tile we can mix with it.  We decide on black and ivory.  We buy a bunch of 6 x 6 and all of the different fancy trims and head home to figure out a new design.

After laying out all of the tiles on the front porch, Brandon and I came up with an awesome design! Soooo exciting. Brandon counts everything out (adds extra) and we are ready to tile.

Fast forward to this weekend… Brandon begins putting up the thin-set mortar and starts to tile.  Here is what it looks like:

Then Brandon says, “I need the 2 other boxes of doily tile” (those are the fancy ones in the middle of the 2 black lines).  I head to the front porch.  Not there.  Then to the garage.  Not there.  At this point I’m getting a little panicky.  My hubby, Steve, and I look EVERYWHERE.  No where to be found.  Ugh.  I could cry.  At this point, we need to make a decision because things are starting to dry.  I make the executive decision to go with plan B.  Plan B? Do we have a Plan B???????

Here is Plan B:

What do you think?  I really like it.  Whew!

We talked about what we would do if we found the box of missing tiles.  Would we rip this all out and go with Plan A? What would you do???? Plan B is growing on me.

Unfortunately, this fiasco put us a bit behind because we had to take a bunch of the tiles off, clean them, etc.

Brandon lives in Sacramento, so he headed home in the late evening and will return in a few weeks, which actually works out fine because I finally decided on a vanity LAST NIGHT and ordered it from Home Depot.  It will take a 7-10 days to receive it.  I didn’t order it with a counter top because I want it to be tiled to match the shower.

I love the simple lines of it.  I’m going with a 24″ so it will be a stand-alone and not look like it’s mounted to the wall.

Here is the floor tile:

So there you go.  Bathroom update.  Whew!  It’s coming out great and I’m very happy with it!

It will be a few weeks before I do an “unveiling” of the bathroom!  September is a crazy month for us.  It might not be until Christmas when it’s done! ha!

I’ve got some great posts coming up this week.  You won’t want to miss them.  Be sure to stop back by.

P.S.  Still no sign of the boxes of missing doilies.  We are thinking they were stolen off the front porch!

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  1. coming along great! I thought you said at the beginning of the post that the tiles were green, no?

    • They are green – like a taupy green. I had a tough time getting the color saturation in the picture that I needed. Still in the learning curve with the new camera 🙂

  2. It looks GREAT!! I always love a deal and your tile looks great with the “cheap” mixed with the more expensive.

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