Are You Pondering?

I find that the days between Christmas and New Years are days that I always think DEEP.  I ponder about the ups and downs of the past year and I think about the “clean slate” I have in the upcoming year.  What things would I change in the past year if I could? What did I learn?  Did I achieve the goals that I wanted to achieve?

I think about the New Year ahead of me…. It’s going to be an exciting and busy year with travel plans on the horizon…. Long Beach, Whistler, London, Paris, Spain, my last child heading off to college and I’ll be turning 49 (thank goodness it’s not 50).  I have a big year ahead of me! What do I want to accomplish this year?  Soooo many things!  I’m working on a list and I will share it with you soon.

Here are some quotes that I came across that made me think…and I read them twice…. and I might just keep a few.

Did you find one that you read twice and want to keep in front of you for the New Year?


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  1. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas… I also went back and read all the quotes twice! They are absolutely inspiring.

  2. Yep I found a bunch One in particular will become a new sign for my house Thanks and Happy New Year

  3. love this post…tons of food for thought!!!! hugs…

  4. The ones about growing up (so true), apologizing & flipping a coin are great. I’ve never seen those before.
    The one on the fortune cookie has become my motto……..since 2011 was a horrible year for me 🙁
    I’m looking forward to 2012!!

  5. These are all fantastic. I’m a big ponderer ( if that’s a word) this time of year too.

  6. What a GREAT post!
    –medicine in its own right!

  7. LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing this, I deffinately found a few keepers here!!

  8. They are all great – inspiring!

  9. Carrie Rowel says:

    …it’s okay not to be perfect
    yup need to remember that! 🙂

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