Annie Sloan Paint Does It Again!

Happy Friday everyone!

I have a BIG surprise for you!

I’m featuring Angela from Button Bird Designs!

You will be amazed at what she did to this chair.

What!?!?! You’re painting what?!?!

My girlfriend the Nester sent me a text asking if I wanted this chair, if not it was going to Goodwill.  My response was…”Is this a JOKE????”  Of course I wanted the chair!!!!  I immediately went to her house, put it in my car, and then drove directly home and put it in my sewing room.  I love this chair, I spend almost every morning around 5:00am-6:00am on it.  It’s my prayer, reading, meditation, and thankful chair.

I had big redo plans for the chair.  I might recover it with some funky fabric, or glue yo yo’s all over it, maybe a doily chair.  I just couldn’t decide, so I started with the legs and went from there.

I had big redo plans for the chair.  I might recover it with some funky fabric, or glue yo yo’s all over it, maybe a doily chair.  I just couldn’t decide, so I started with the legs and went from there.

I honestly don’t know if this was vinyl or leather but I accidentally got some paint on it.  Actually I think I did it on purpose to see if it would stick.  It did!!!  Have I mentioned how much I love Chalk Paint???

I called my husband over who was busy cutting some bushes.  “Guess what I am going to do!?!?! I am going to paint this chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!”    For twenty minutes he told me a thousand reasons why it wouldn’t work.  The one he was most fixated on was that as soon as I sat down, it would crack all over.  I looked at him and smiled reallllllllly big and said, “WELL LET’S JUST SEE”.  He walked away shaking his head.  Meanwhile, I had exactly 4 neighbors, 3 kids, and the mailman tell me it wouldn’t work.

Duck Egg Chalk Paint

A little sanding and glaze on the legs and then some wax over the paint…….

I have been using my chair every morning for over a week now.

No cracking.  Sooooo glad I went with my gut!!

Thank you Angela!

So what do you think?  It turned out amazing didn’t it?  Is there anything that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can’t do???

If you haven’t visited Angela at Button Bird Designs you’re missing out! Her blog is amazing and she is a very talented lady.

Thank you Angela for sharing your chair with us today.

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  1. Paint on the “leather”?! Wow…it looks great…who knew?

  2. Hi, Angela

    I love how your chair turned out. Its Awesome!

    Did you put anything on the chair to seal the paint? Thanks and I popped over your blog and I love visiting over there.


  3. Wow Angela! Your chair looks amazing! You should be so proud, and so glad that you stuck to your guns!

  4. This is amazing! I’ve seen some painted fabric on the blogs but this is by far the coolest one. Love it!

  5. Somewhere I saw a whole couch painted with chalk paint. It did eventually start to crack a little but for their style it still worked 🙂

  6. It looks amazing and I love the yellow wall and accents with the blue. It looks great!

  7. The chair looks great! I love it when people tell me something won’t work and then it does!!! I love the challenge. Good job!!!

  8. You are a brave soul! I would have never done that. I would have been with your husband and thought it might crack when you sat on it. Very interesting!

  9. WOWZA!! Did you need to clean the leather first? If so, what do you recommend? Great job! Hope nester doesn’t want the chair back!

  10. Wow, pretty fab chair now!

  11. That’s NUTS! I LOVE IT! BOLD move, girl!!!!

  12. Wow! I need you here to help me redo my old stuff and give it some life. When can I expect you??

  13. Glad to meet Button Bird Designs! That chair is phenomenal! 🙂

    this is AMAZING!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!! i am over the top in love with it and it is just such an incredible piece!!! KUDOS my friend!!! sending hugs…

  15. Wow, looks great. Hey if it does crack, just recover it-no big deal. I love the color!

  16. I was sent a picture of your buffet at Christmas by a girlfriend so I came over to check out your site. I am hooked and will now be a follower. We have a lot of the same tastes and guts to do the unusual. Love this chair now. Who knew?

  17. Did you wax the chalk paint on the chair …or leave as is after painting?

  18. Hi Mandy – love your personality! Now that it has been over a year since you painted this chair, do you REALLY use it all the time and is it REALLY holding up with no signs of demise? This is too good to be true!

  19. Melissa says:

    Did you use a brush or roller?

  20. In love with your new leather chair! I had the crazy idea to paint my leather chairs today and did just that. Now I am frantically searching to see if I should seal with wax to keep it from cracking . After finding your blog my question is now answered! Great Work!!

  21. We are looking to do this on a black leather couch, what kind of WAX did you use?

  22. I just love your site. I found it on Pinterest. I enjoyed looking and getting ideas.

  23. Hi: Is the chair still holding up? Has the chalk paint cracked?

    Thanks for responding. I have some old green leather furniture I’d like to try to paint.

  24. Love it! Do you think a painted vinyl chair would hold up outside?

    • Yes it will! Just remember that the wax IS NOT waterproof, so I wouldn’t put the chair somewhere it could get wet.

  25. have a vinyl & fabric chair-vinyl arms were pricked by kitty claws-any way to fix this before painting? i love this chair!

  26. This is by FAR the best fabric painting I have seen done. I am so impressed that its still holding up after a year!!
    I do have a technical question though… I rarely use wax and prefer poly (two reasons – poly never really needs redone and I am lazy in that aspect, and wax can get soft if it gets too warm/hot – causing things to stick to your furniture) Its the second reason that leads to my question. If you sit in the chair for a long time do you ever stick to it or get wax rubbing off onto your clothes?
    Suzy recently posted..Keyboard TableMy Profile

  27. Wilene Benn says:

    The other day I purchased so Annie Sloane chalk paint as well. You should have seen the look of disbelief on their faces when I told them I am painting my old leather sofa. Secretly I did not know if it will work…BUT tahdah……it work en it looks great.

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