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Welcome to Project Queen!  I’m thrilled that you stopped by (family, friends, and future blog friends).

My name is MANDY, and I’m a PROJECT QUEEN!! My “grown up” name is Amanda.  I choose to go my MANDY because I don’t feel like an Amanda.  Crazy?  Kinda.  I always thought when I “grew up” I’d go by the “grown up” version of Mandy.  I guess I’ve chosen not to grow up!  The only time I use my “grown up” name is when I’m on the telephone.  When I tell the person on the line that my name is Mandy, I end up being called: Sandy, Andy, Nancy….Oh yes and even BAMBI! Ugh.  Mother’s out there….please don’t name your daughter’s BAMBI.  YOU KNOW WHAT WE ALL PICTURE???? Yup, not the little Bambi who loses his mother in the forest fire……

I just turned 48 years old….I CANNOT BELIEVE I’M ALMOST 50 (my husband says it’s easier on the other side of 50…anyone believe that?)….who knows, maybe I’ll use my grown up name when I turn 50!

I live in a city called Fresno, located in the central valley of California. Everyone asks, “Is it hot there?”  YES…it’s freaking very hot here! I have not always lived here.  I grew up in Fair Oaks, California.. moved to Algonquin, Illinois.. then on to Bokchito, Oklahoma and then back to California to a town called Roseville (where I was actually born).  I’ve been a city girl, a country girl, I’ve had a California accent (yes, people in the south think WE have an accent), Illinois accent, and of course a Southern accent that takes me about 10 minutes to adapt to when I am talking to someone from the south! When God moved me all over the world (wish it had been Europe so I could speak French and Italian) He was preparing me to marry a man who was also going to move me all over….California!  I met my hubby in Sacramento, moved to Bakersfield (with 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a bunny and 4 kids) then to Marin County, and we have settled in Fresno.  Of course we didn’t just stay in 1 house in each of these towns….oh no, we FLIPPED houses!  YUP!  Am I sick of it? YUP!  That’s why we are staying in Fresno….(more on this one later…..)

I have been married to a wonderful man (Steve) for 21 years (His hobby is acquiring properties in the downtown area and refurbishing them).  He is the BEST (although there are days when he irritates me a bit when he breathes ha!) and I wouldn’t trade him for any billionaire (or Ryan Gosling) in the world.  He has blessed me with 3 awesome stepchildren (Tracie, Sean, and India) and 2 amazing children (Madison and Morgan).  We are almost “empty nesters” (I totally DID NOT get what this was really all about until just recently) and we have 4 amazing grandsons, with 1 more joining the world in late October.

I have been blessed to be a “stay at home mom” since Madison was born in 1991.  We chose to live simply (without new cars, designer clothes and expensive purses :-)) and I have never regretted it for one moment. The only time it became a problem was when my husband called from the office and said he was going to lunch… ALONE, which meant he was going to get to be in the car ALONE, which then had me turning shades of green with jealousy when I thought of him getting to use the bathroom…ALONE!  But all, in all….life was simple and good.

I LOVE to eat, but I’m sick of cooking (having dinner on the table at 6pm for 21 years did me in), but love to bake!  I love a good VODKA MARTINI, a little bit DIRTY! (Thank you Pam K.)  Love, love, love sweets and have been on a diet all my life.  I’ve lost 30 lbs. at least twice and 76 lbs. once!  I HATE to exercise, but promise myself I will get to the gym every day, blah.  Love to garden and would spend hours in my yard if only it would stay cool enough in the summer.

I’m a bit OCD with certain things like PROJECTS.  If someone else paints something, I think it’s AMAZING and if I paint something, I see every single spot that I should have done better.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE thrift shopping!  A RED LETTER DAY for me is finding a great deal on a piece of furniture and then painting it and making it an amazing piece that I can say, “Yup, I did that!”  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE….INSTANT GRATIFICATION!  Once I start a project, I cannot stop or think of anything else until it is DONE!  Yup, that’s me….I’m an ALL or NOTHING kinda gal.

Hope that this gives you a little bit of an idea of who I am.  I could have gone on and on (so great about a blog…even if I bore someone to death, I don’t feel like I’m being ignored).  I hope you stop back by again. Ideas and projects will start coming VERY SOON!  You won’t want to miss them!

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