A Blessing in Disguise

This is a bit of a random post, but wanted to share my day with you.  God works in mysterious ways.

I was up  and at em’ early with coffee and watering the flowers (it’s so hot here…supposed to get over 100 this week…yuk), unloading the dishwasher, etc.  I was in a big fat rush.  Had to make physical therapy on time, then a 10am haircut and color (I’m sooo gray) then meeting my husband downtown at one of the apartments to help choose a color.

After that, I thrift store shopped, found some good deals.  Even got hit on by a little hispanic man.  “You married?” he asks me.  Too funny.  Anyway, all day I just found myself thinking, oh I wish I had that and I wish that wasn’t so expensive, and I wish that I had a little shop to refinish my furniture and I went to Lowes and spent too much money on things I just HAD to have.

On my way home I called the gardener to have him come and give us a bid on new grass in our front yard (my hubby put weed killer on it and yup, the whole lawn is dead) and plant flowers.  I can’t seem to keep up with the front yard, the back yard and the house PLUS do the things I enjoy and try to exercise AND grocery shop and do the laundry.  Ugh.  It never ends does it?  Then I decided I was going to hire a housekeeper to come in every other week to do the deep cleaning.

I know that God was shaking his head at me.  My behavior wasn’t pretty.  I was angry with my husband because everything always gets done at the apartments downtown, but never around here!  So, I decided today that I was going to hire people.  I’m tired of waiting for my hubby to do it. There goes God shaking his head at me again.

Got home around 5:00 and my hubby got in pretty quick after me (he had gone to donate blood….always the good samaritan).  He received a phone call from a guy who does handyman work at one of our apartment buildings.  He explained that he wasn’t able to do some job for my hubby in the morning because he was going to the thrift store when it opened to get clothes for the 3 kids who live next door to one of our apartments.  They weren’t able to go to school today because someone had stolen all of their clothes.  So Steve gets off the phone and says, “We need to buy the kids clothes.”  I said, “Ok, what sizes?”.  Steve calls back and the guy doesn’t know the sizes and Steve says, “Tell them we are coming to get them and take them shopping.”  Yikes!  So we rush downtown, pick up little Phillip who is  5, David 9, and Jasmine 12.  Such sweet kids.  Shoes didn’t fit any of them.  Growing right out of them! Mom and Dad didn’t even come out to meet us.  Kids just got in the car (can you imagine?)

Once we arrived at Target, hubby took the boys to the boys dept. and Jasmine and I headed to the girl’s.  We had a great time.  She is such a nice girl and so excited about starting to school tomorrow.  She will be in 7th grade.  Big day for her.  She was so excited to pick out clothes.  Didn’t want a lot – very timid, but you could see her pleasure started at the tip of her head and went all the way down to the end of her big toe!

We had pizza and frosties after.  David, was so excited about a tire pump for his bike and a bike lock, Phillip’s big deal was a Pokemon t-shirt.  Jasmine got to pick out a little sundress to wear to church.  She said she didn’t own any dresses.  They all got new shoes and backpacks, along with school supplies.

I was sad to drop them off.  I hugged each one and  told them to be good and try hard in school.  They seem to be great kids, just unlucky to have crappy parents.

God blessed me today.  He put things  into perspective for me.

Please pray for Phillip, David and Jasmine.  Pray that God keeps them safe and provides a wonderful future for them.

Tomorrow’s a new, fresh day for me.  It won’t be filled with “I wish I had’s.”  It will be filled with, “Thank you ♥ God ♥ for what I do have.”

I have a cool little table and chairs that I’m working on for my daughter’s apartment.  She’ll be heading back to college in a few weeks.

Here’s a before picture:

It will be done very soon!  Can’t wait to share the finished product with you!

Anyone make the Moist, Moist Chocolate Cake??? YUMMMMMM.




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  1. Mandy,
    Thank you for putting things into perspective…the tears are falling as I think of children without the basics. I appreciate you sharing this for it will help me when I also start to feel the “I wish I had….”
    You have a gift my dear, do not stop writing.

  2. Tracie L. says:

    Ok, You just made me cry and it’s not just because I am 7 1/2 months pregnant 🙂 Thanks for sharing the story and making us all think. I think that is why I love do the Binky Patrol so much, when you drop off the blankets to the homeless shelters and when you drive up you see all these families with children and you know that even if it is just a small thing, you are helping in some way, it makes you feel good but as you said it also makes you feel very thankful. Sometimes we all need reminders of how lucky we are and how blessed we truly are 🙂 Great Post!!

    • Thank you Tracie. It always amazes me when I think I will be a blessing to someone and it ends up being the other way around. God continues to humble me.

  3. Hey there. Mandy I love what you are doing here. Been enjoying it vicariously for awhile but after reading this one, I have to comment. I want to say how pleased I am to hear stories like the shopping trip. Good work, Mandy and Steve. Good work. God love you. Matt M

  4. Teresa Cockrell McCrudden says:

    Thanks Mandy, What an awesome story and reminder of giving thanks for what I do have. I will pray for those children.

  5. Teresa Cockrell McCrudden says:

    Oh, I forgot to add… The vinegar in a load of towels does make them come out smelling very clean and fresh. Thanks so much…No mpre musty, ucky smell.

    • morning Mandy
      i just finished reading your story and
      i am going down right now (er..after i hit ‘send’) to salvation army…it made me just wanna go stand out side the door and take some needy kids and bring them home…course in the back of my mind is my husband tsk-ing me..’you can’t bring them all home’…heh…
      even so, thanks for inspiration this bright early holidaZe morning…i think my daZe gunna start off well..best to you : )
      p.s. and sister of mine (Te.C.M.) who i’m replying to as well…thanks for that great vinegar idea..it gets so mugly here and me clothes start getting ‘scented’ if i don’t do laundry straight away
      wishing you a wonderful day sweet…

      • Glad I inspired you to help someone out this holiday season! I’m like you – I wanna bring them all home!
        Many Blessings to you this holiday season.

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