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The Stenciled Wall

Hello Family and Friends~ I pray all is going well for you this week.

Today I’d like to share the saga of girls and their bedrooms.  Do you have a daughter or two?  Do they want you to decorate and paint, only to change it the following year because they don’t “like that color” anymore?

Madison left for college 2 years ago.  Last year, Morgan decided she wanted to re-decorate her room AND she wanted to switch rooms with Madison!  This meant  I had to re-paint and decorate 2 rooms, not just 1!  Of course, SHE wanted to pick the color (I liked it when I got to pick everything for them, including their clothes) and decorate it herself.

Morgan chose a very dark hunter/peacock green and she only wanted it on one wall.  Ugh.  I hated it, but (gritting my teeth) I stuck to our agreement of allowing her to decorate.  For 8 months she and I would shop for bedding, curtains, accessories only to bring them home and return them because she didn’t like the way they looked.  FINALLY, she said “Okay, Mom you were right, you can do it.”  Sweet Jesus, I could NOT believe what I had just heard.  Did my 17 year old daughter just tell me I was right???? Of course, “I told you so,” was right on the tip of my tongue, but I SWEAR…I did not say it!  Boy howdy, I wanted to though.

“TRANQUIL” = free from disturbance or turmoil

(Is there such a room like this for us mothers????)

Tranquil is the word she used when I asked her to describe the room she wanted.  Her one stipulation was it couldn’t be “matchy-matchy.”  She knows her mother well.  This was going to be a challenge.

I got right to work and started surfing the net.  I came across an archived post on one of my favorite websites Centsationalgirl.  You can see what inspired me by clicking here.  Could I do it?  Centsationalgirl (Kate)  didn’t use a stencil, she made her own! YIKES! AND SHE HAND PAINTED IT!!! I emailed her and she was gracious enough to take the time to email me back with the color of the wall and also the stencil paint color. Thank you Kate at Centsationalgirl!

Have you noticed the header of this blog?  The little sentence under PROJECT QUEEN?  “Turning the daunting into the doable.”  Yup,  I tackled (me, Mandy who is afraid of failure) the daunting and I DID IT!

First thing I did was call my BFF, Carrie Lynn, to help me make a stencil.  We took a piece of poster board and folded it in 4ths.  We copied Centsationalgirl’s picture of the trellis and blew it up on the copier (you’ll have to just play with the enlargement option on your printer), then we traced a 4th of it on the board and then replicated it on the other 4th’s. The diamond (for a lack of a better word) ended up being: height 11″, width 10″.  They are spaced 2″ apart vertically (I hand-painted the circles to connect them).  Horizontally, they are connected.

I painted the room with Benjamin Moore‘s Nantucket Gray (same as Centsationalgirl).  I always use an eggshell or satin finish on my walls so that I can wipe the walls off without a problem.  I used FolkArt Metallic paint in Taupe that I found at Michaels (same as Centsationalgirl).  I used a stencil spray adhesive and a stencil brush.

Next, I grabbed my hubby’s handy-dandy laser level (Skil 30′ self-leveling cross-line) that he purchased from Lowes.  I placed it on a very tall ladder (had to do the first line high up!) and started to work on the left side of the wall.  I worked my way (one by one with the stencil) all the way across the top, aligning the top of the stencil along the laser line.  When I got to the end of the wall on the right side, I repositioned my laser level for the next set of diamonds and started on the left (leaving a 2″ space between my diamonds to paint in my circles).

If you have never stenciled before (like me)I found a ton of useful information at Cutting Edge Stencils.  They have tutorials, videos, galleries and best of all beautiful stencils that you can purchase.  They are amazing…I’m scoping out a wall to stencil with one of these puppies as we speak!  If you get a chance to look at Cutting Edge Stencils, tell me which one is your favorite…I have mine :-).

Now, might you ask….“Is there anything you would add or change Project Queen?” YES, I would add coral/salmon colored pillows like this (Aryanahome/Etsy) and this (Willowwhimsy/Etsy) and this (KainKain/Etsy). But that would be “matchy-matchy” :-)….Oh and by the way, Morgan LOVES her room!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email or click on COMMENT below.  Thank you for stopping by!

I couldn’t resist adding my furry children – MIA and TUX.  They wanted to be in the picture!  I had to shoo them off the bed.

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Link Party Highlights #7

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful, restful weekend.

I’ve been seeing alot of blogs and they have pictures of SNOW!!! Oh, I’m soooo jealous!  I have to say though, that I wore a sweatshirt all day long today because our temperatures have dropped here in sunny California.  It was sunny, but cool enough to turn the heat on this morning.  I’m lovin’ it.

There were 92 link ups to #7 Party this week!  Might I add, that they were all amazing.  I can’t even begin to tell all of you how much I appreciate you linking up, sharing, and inspiring me and all of my followers.  THANK YOU!!!

I also want to remind you that I have another party going on…. Christmas Craft Tutorial.

You can click HERE to see the wonderful projects that have been linked up and all of them have tutorials so you can make them yourself.  I will be highlighting the 3 most viewed crafts that were linked up this past week on Thursday evening.

I’m also teaming up with a few other bloggers for yet ANOTHER link up party (which will be announced on Wednesday) and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one!

Did I mention that I’m changing my name to “Party Queen”?  Boy, 3 parties goin’ on. I’m lovin’ it.

Let’s take a look at the highlights from this week.  These ladies made the daunting look totally do-able!

Heather from Common Place Beauty painted this gorgeous Vintage Cabinet with Annie Sloan’s Old White Chalk Paint.

Heather mentions in her post that this is her FIRST real furniture re-do. Can  you believe that? She used dark wax and everything! I can’t wait to see what the next re-do is going to look like.  Goodness Heather, I’m thinkin’ you got the hang of it!

Mary from The Decorative Paint Brush shared this amazing end table that she turned into a game table.
She built the design of it around a checkerboard.  Isn’t it amazing? I love it!  I’m a sucker for checks!
Okay, I’m just going to say it, “To paint this table like this is VERY DAUNTING to me!” BUT, I bet (thinking positive here) with some tape and a few stencils I might be able to pull some sort of design off.  Right? Right! But from the looks of it…I’m thinkin’ this baby is hand painted by Miss Mary and her decorative paintbrush :-).

When you’re out “blog stalkin” you need to stop by Housewives of Riverton.  Jenn decorated her daughter’s nursery and made covers for the switch plates and plug-ins…
Guess what she made them out of?  Scrapbook paper and Mod Podge! Great idea Jenn!

Need a great tutorial for an amazing Cornice Headboard?  Laura from Corner House Blog (and her hubby) made this lovely headboard for their master bedroom.

You have to head over to her blog.  You’ll be amazed at the transformation of their bedroom.

Marcy from the AntiqueChase shows us how we can spruce up our book bundles.  She says, “I was walking the house looking for more quick and easy stencil projects and spotted some bare naked books…”

Amazing what a stencil can do.  I can just see her walking around with a stencil in her hand…”Ok who’s next???” I bet her animals hid under the bed!
Jennifer from Jenn Diggs, definitely had Fall on her mind when she made this beautiful apple pie.
She made the top crust out of leaves with a little fall leaf cookie cutter from Target. What a GREAT idea.  So simple!


Now these next two ladies get the award for re-cycling to the MAX!!!  I’m naming them the RE-CYCLE QUEENS!!!


Missy from Lookie What I Did made a grocery bag keeper…
All she used was a leftover box, some burlap that she had and some Mod Podge.   Too cute!  I just had someone the other day(can’t remember who it was) tell me I needed to figure out a way to store extra plastic grocery bags….well whoever it was….this one’s for YOU!


Susanne from Avsusanne linked this up from the other side of the world (Norway).  The Internet just amazes me…. wait till you see this.
.Wanna guess as to what it’s made of????  A toilet paper roll!!!! Can you believe it??  She used a napkin and Mod Podged it onto the paper toilet roll, punched a hole for a tag and folded it a special way.  Wahhhla!!!  I’m lovin’ the puzzle piece too.


I hope you enjoyed these highlights and they INSPIRE YOU to turn all those daunting things into something do-able things so you can share at Project Queen’s next link party.  Are you ready for Link Party #8????
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Let’s roll!



Linky Party Highlights #5

I apologize in advance for not getting these highlights up earlier! What a day! C.R.A.Z.Y!!!

I’ve been sitting here at my computer for the last few hours going through all of the projects that have been linked up to the party this passed week.  I think I’m going to have to post a mid-week link highlight because it really is so hard to choose!  EVERYONE’S projects are amazing.  I love them all.  Thank  you so much for linking up and sharing what you have done.

Art Is Beauty made this amazing French Market sign.  The best part?  It is part of a table she cut in 1/2! THEN, she used Elmer’s Glue for a crackling medium.

Looks great above her kitchen sink!!! See the light she got at the Goodwill for $3???

Fifi from About Blogging Time made these adorable baby bibs! OMGoodness.  They are sooo cute!

These are the first ones she has ever made.  Cute, cute, cute!!!

Barbara from 21 Rosemary Lane found a $10 cabinet at a yard sale….

She glammed it up pretty darn good…wouldn’t you say?  You should see what it looked like before!

This next feature just really amazed me.  I wish that my brain worked like this… not in a million years would I have come up with this amazing idea that Deborah from Fairfield House came up with…

A Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage!
You’ve got to visit her blog and look at the details.

Micki from Confessions of an ADD Housewife (gotta love the name) won FIRST PRIZE at “Bake for the Cure Event” that was held at her local fair. I’m drooling…

Carmel  Apple Cinnamon Rolls
Head over to her blog to get the recipe!

Wait until you see what Catherine from Freddy and Petunia describes as a “dilapidated old dresser project”.

This was a dresser turned into a bench!!
As my BFF always says…”and it has wheels!
She has a great tutorial on her blog how to do this amazing project.

Jean from Flower Hill Design created this amazing Fall Monogram Wreath.  She has an easy to follow tutorial on her blog.

I’m making 2 of these with a big “W” in the middle for my front doors!!

Robin from Bird On A Cake made this beautiful Candy Corn Cake

Doesn’t it look delicious? She piped all of those dots!
I thought my stenciled wall was bad…this is amazing.

Rachel from a House Of Noise…I Mean Boys created these sweet little birds in these adorable thrift store frames

I love these.  They would make a great Christmas gift.

Shannon from Shabby to Chic Queen Creek purchased a secretary (I’m on the hunt for one of these).

She said she wasn’t happy with the “minty” green color it turned out to be so she added stain over the top of it.  What a great idea!
I love that Shannon tried something she wasn’t too sure of…then when it turned out not to her liking, she got creative and tried something else.  The moral of the story? It’s just paint! She can live with it for awhile and if she still doesn’t like it? She can paint it again.

Thanks again friends for linking up!

Get ready for Linky Party #6 that will be posted by tomorrow morning.

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