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The Sunshine Award

Wow! I’m so excited to share with you…

Lori, from Bleak 2 Unique awarded me the Sunshine Award!!!

She made my day!!!!

So here is how the award works. First, you say thanks to the person who gave you the award and link back to them (Thank you Lori from Bleake 2 Unique!). Next, answer the following questions about yourself. Then, choose 10 of your favorite bloggers and link their blogs to your post…remember to let them know you are nominating them. Finally, be sure to copy and paste the award button to your blog.
And the questions are….

1. Favorite color – this is a tough one for me!  I don’t think I have a favorite color because I like so many!  I like to wear browns, greens and navy.  LOVE Fuschia Pink (but wouldn’t want to decorate a room in my home with it) and I love “living” in black, red, green and gold.   Does this mean I’m abnormal??????

2. Favorite animal  – Definitely a cat.  I love that they are so independent.  I don’t feel guilty leaving them and going on vacation!

3. Favorite number – 21

4. Favorite drink – A Dirty Martini with 3 olives please!!!

5. Facebook or Twitter – Facebook – it’s easier for me to understand (and I can keep up with family and friends).  Still not quite understanding Twitter.  I just click on the Twitter button when I post something new… it goes to Twitter Land and from there… I have no clue!

6. Good book or good movie – Definitely a good book.  I can use my own imagination to developing the characters and scenes.

7. My passion –  Making my environment pretty and doing it for others.  As I grow older I have realized my mood is affected by the ambiance of a room.  Nothing is better to me than moving furniture around, painting a wall or a piece of furniture.

8. Giving or getting gifts – Most definitely giving gifts.  I would prefer not to receive them (unless it’s a piece from Mackenzie-Child :-))! I love the challenge of finding the perfect gift for someone, preferably something that they would never buy for themselves.

9. Favorite day – Friday – I allow myself this day for no chores and not feeling guilty!  If I want to sit and watch TV all day long, then that’s what I do.

10. Favorite flower – Hydrangeas – love the deep pink ones.

Here are 10, (out of many more), of my favorite blogs that I am giving the Sunshine award to…

Link Party Highlights #31 – “Turning the Daunting Into the Do-Able”

 Hello everyone! I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend.

I’m in Sacramento this week helping my step-daughter (Tracie) prepare to move to Fresno.  She has her hands full with 4 active boys.  I love being here with all of them.  Being a grandparent IS THE BEST!

You all have been busy with some amazing projects!!  Oh my goodness!!! I really enjoyed going through them all this week.   I have  a “bookmark” on my computer with “Crafts to Make” and “Recipes to Try”.  It’s beginning to be a very long list.  I also have the same categories on Pinterest!  I better get busy :-).

Here are some amazing projects that I’m highlighting this evening.

Daena from Bad Rabbit  Vintage turned an ugly duckling cabinet into a beautiful swan.

She did an amazing job – complete with harlequins and fleur de lis’.
I’m in with this beautiful swan.

 I’m lovin’ this adorable Upcycled Clipboard that Melanie from Artzy Creations made.

So darn cute!
Wouldn’t this be a GREAT teacher appreciation gift?

Stephanie from Lady With the Red Rocker describes this Chocolate Oreo-Cream Cake as SINFUL.

Definitely looks sinful to me.
Don’t you agree???

 Remember Bethany from Pitter and Glink’s adorable lamp that I highlighted last week? This week, Bethany revealed her new craft room!

She used lots of  happy, crisp, and fresh colors.
Head over to her blog to see the rest of it!
Yes, I have craft room envy :-).

 Carri from Simply Done Wright  made such a cute mosaic heart on a brick.  Guess what this is going to be?

A door stop!
She has a great tutorial on her blog.
I’m pinning this one… yup, my “crafts to make list” is growing!

M.L. from House of Whimsey made this Vintage Enamel  Floral Pin Bouquet. 

I think these are amazing.
Would you be brave enough to carry a bouquet like this
instead of fresh flowers?
I would!

Jody from Meaningful Mama made this scrumptious Chocolate Mousse Cake from Martha Stewart’s recipe box.

Jody says that these beautiful desserts are very time consuming,
but what a fabulous dessert to make for entertaining.
You’ll look like Martha Stewart yourself!

Maysem from Ode To Inspiration made these amazing Knock-off Anthropology Vases.

She has a very easy to follow tutorial on her blog.
Great job, Maysem!

Cyndi from The Decorating Chica “stole” these  Stenciled Frames.  I cracked up when I read that she is a thief!

Because apparently I am too :-).
She is an “idea” stealer… aren’t we all?
You are not alone Cyndi!

Marilyn from 4 You With Love made these summery Pink Lemonade Cupcakes.

This would be a perfect snack for those end of the year parties.

Lorrie from Finding Secret Treasure made a Room With A View.

She used a Cutting Edge Stencil and an old window.
Fabulous view!
What a great idea for a bathroom without a window.

If you were featured, I’d love it if you grabbed a “feature” button and pasted it on your blog.

You can find the HTML Code in the right hand side column.

Thank you everyone for joining the party this past week.

Ready for Link Party #32?






Link Party #20 Highlights – “Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able”

 There were some amazing projects shared this week!
I’m excited to show you my favorites!

Because there were so many awesome Valentine’s Day projects shared, I decided to do a separate post highlighting them.  You can see them by clicking HERE.

Thanks again to all of you for supporting my link party.  I hope that you leave here feeling inspired and come back often.

If you have a party that I don’t know about, will you please leave me a message and let me know so I can follow you back?

On to the highlights for this week!

Becky …From Generation to Generation created this beautiful Journal.

She covered it with a piece of embroidery that had been a family heirloom.
Becky has a tutorial for making the journal on her blog.

 Miss Kitty from Miss Kopy Kat made these beautiful Terrariums.

She has an easy to follow tutorial showing how to make them.
What a great way to bring the outside in during the winter months.

 Cassity from Remodelholic made these yummy, quick Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cheerio Treats.

They have extra fiber in them!
That means they are calorie free, right?

 Shari from Turnstyle Vogue made this too cute sign for her son’s bathroom.

This is THE BEST!!!!
My daughter-in-law is getting one of these signs.
She has 4 boys and you should see that bathroom!
She makes THEM clean it all the time.

 Maysem from Ode To Inspiration planned this adorable Home Depot Birthday Party for her nephew.

The cutest!!!
I didn’t realize that Home Depot was going into the party business!!!
Did you?

 Jenn from The REAL Housewives of Riverton sewed this adorable Knot Dress and Ruffled Pants for her daughter.

She says it’s “over the top”!
I ♥ “over the top” for little girls.
Miss Missy looks fabulous!  Love the ruffles on the pant legs.

 Next up is a fabulous vegetarian sandwich..Roasted Portobello Sliders, that Andrea from The Cottage Market made.

Delicious!  I love portobello mushrooms.

Janet from Culde-Sac-Chic built this End Table Kennel for her 2 little dogs.

Fabulous idea!
So much better than those big wire crates!!!

 Catherine from Freddie and Petunia made this AMAZING Jewelry Wall Box.

Love the way the necklaces go inside and the earrings go on the outside.

Is this an amazing jewelry box or what?
It reminds me of one of those safes you see in the movies!!!

Heather from a DIY Kinda Girl made this awesome Rustic Winter Wreath.

Looks so pretty on her red front door.

If you were featured and you don’t have a Project Queen Feature Button,
I’d love it if you grabbed one.

See you at Link Party #21!


Valentine’s Day Highlights – Link Party #20

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!!

I’ve decided to do a 2nd Valentine’s Day Highlight Party from Link Party #20.

If you’d like to see the 1st Valentine’s Day Highlight Party, click HERE.
If you’d like to see the collage I made with all of the Valentine Projects that was shared this past week,
click HERE.

The normally scheduled Link Party #20 Highlights will be posted tomorrow night (Monday) as they always are, along with #21 Link Party).

I’m so thankful for all you who have shared your ♥ Day Projects.  I’m living vicariously through you because I have not made one single thing for ♥ Day and it’s one of my favorite holidays!  The past three weeks have been tough with my sweet mother-in-law passing away and then coming down with the CRUD.  Ugh.  I’ve had a sore throat for almost 10 days.  Antibiotics are finally kicking in.

I tried to choose projects that were original…okay besides the sweets.  I love cupcakes…and they are really cute :-).

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves.
I always try to just list the highlights, but I can’t keep my mouth shut!!!!

Renee’ from CoCo Mi’s Un-Necessary Necessities (a tongue twister!) made these beautiful Pink Champagne Cupcakes.

They are sooo fluffy.  My cupcakes NEVER look like this.
Renee’ what is your secret?

Bethany from Pitter and Glink made this adorable Chevron Frame.

I love the sparkle and how she wrapped embroidery floss around the nails to make the heart.
Clever girl Ms. Bethany!

Cassity from Remodelholic changed the look of her Hutch for Valentine’s Day…

just by adding some wrapping paper to the back of it.
So simple!!!

Maysem from Ode To Inspiration made these gorgeous Valentine’s Day Cookies.

She has a great tutorial on how to make them.

Pat from Pat’s Pink Apron shared these festive Valentine’s Day Napkin Rings/Holders.

She has the tutorial on her blog.
Love the tulle!

Emily from 52 Mantels made these cookies titled “Kiss My Pie”.

Aren’t they amazing looking?
These would be so simple to whip up for Day.

Doreen from Altered Artworks made this awesome “You Had Me At Hello” framed gift for her hubby.

No pink, red or sparkly stuff here folks.  This is for her MAN.
He’s gonna  it.

Kirsten from The Sweet Swiper made these cute, cute, cute Strawberry Milk Whoopie Pies.

My grandchildren would love these!

Roberta from A Little Bit Of Everything crocheted this adorable Valentine Bear Hat.

It started with a bear hat that she crocheted and then she made the hearts and pinned them on.
Can’t you just picture a little face with fat cheeks wearing this hat?

Alyssa from Alyssabeth’s made a Framed Paper Rose Valentine.

So shabby chic!
I love the checkered tray in the background too!!

Jenn from The REAL Housewives of Riverton made these oh soooo yummy looking Snicker Cupcakes.

Oh goodness these look good.
She has the recipe and step-by-step instructions on her blog.

Stephanie from The Lady With the Red Rocker made A Love Quote On Canvas.

Love this idea!
Stephanie has an easy to follow tutorial on her blog.

If you were featured, I’d love it if you grabbed a button!

See you tomorrow night!


Link Party #14 Highlights – “Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able”

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas enjoying family and friends and taking some time to reflect on the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I  had a wonderful Christmas day with family unwrapping gifts, napping, playing games and of course eating and eating and eating!!!!

We had some great  link ups this week.  I requested a “no Christmas” theme, thinking that I might get 5 link ups…there were 58!

Here are the highlights:

I absolutely LOVE this Chippy Hutch that Sharley from Double Take Decor refurbished.

I’m heading down this week to Benjamin Moore and picking up some of this Terrapin Green Paint!

Maysem from Ode To Inspiration made this Snowball Fight Invitation using cookies that look like snowballs.

Such a cute idea!  I wish I lived in the snow Mayhem so you could send one to me!!!

…and speaking of snowballs,

Alexandra from Talking Dollars and Cents shared a recipe for Mexican Cookies that look like snowballs.

This is the exact recipe I have and they are delicious!  Melt in your mouth yumminess!

Vicky from Mess For Less made these adorable Cookies On A Tray for her daughters.

Vicky had purchased a store bought “cookies on a tray” and her daughters were always fighting over it, so she made her own.
Vicky, I like your version better.  How fun for your daughters.


Karin from Art Is Beauty hand painted this gorgeous blossom onto a desk she had refurbished for her daughter.

Beautiful job Karin.  Oh, how I wish that I could do this!

Mari from A Mom Not a Pro came up with this wonderful Sundried Tomato and Bacon Cheese Ball.

Mari, I think you have a winner here.  It looks delicious.
I’m putting this on my list to make for New Year’s Eve.

Check out the Crafting Rebellion’s Rock your Purse.

I love it!!! How fun would this be to make?
She has a very easy tutorial that you can follow.

Mindy from Pretty In Paint 32 refurbished this coffee table and then added the french script to it.

I love french script.  It turned out beautiful Mindy.
Lovin’ the curvy legs on that coffee table too!

If you were featured, please grab a “featured” button!

I’ve decided to not post Link Party #15 until next week, January 3rd.  I’ll be sending out a reminder email.

Thanks so much to all of you for your support and linking up to
Project Queen’s “Turning the Duanting Into the Do-able”

it would be NOTHING without all of you!!!



Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able Link Party #2

Welcome blogger friends! My 1st Linky Party was awesome! Thank you everyone for helping to make it a success (86 link ups) I think that’s pretty darn good for a 1st timer here.

I wish that I could post every single one of the entries.  They were all great!

Lauren from West Furniture Revival linked up this cloche, “You hold the key to my cloche”

I’m a sucker for anything on a pedestal that you put something sweet in.  I love the wood knob on the top!

Maysem from Ode To Inspiration made these adorable apple pies in mason jars.

 I think they are so cute!

Christina from I Gotta Create made these Bewitching Pillows from vintage photos.

Aren’t these amazing, scary and whimsical all at the same time??? I love, love these.
I bet some people couldn’t sleep with these in the same room. Mwaaaaa!

Sonya from Beyond the Screen Door Designs designed these curtains for her friend Tricia

I would love to have these in my kitchen dining room! Her fabric and design has a little bit of that “Mackenzie-Child” feel that I’m so taken with…and speaking of taken – take a walk over to Sonya’s blog.  It’s beautiful! Oh, while your there, take (what’s with all of my take, takes and taken?) her home tour.  You will not be disappointed.  It’s gorgeous.

Shari from Turn Style Vogue introduced “Finn Rock” on her blog this week.

You’ll have to head over to her blog to get the story of his namesake! I love how Shari names all of her pieces of furniture.  We all get pretty darn close to our “finds” as we make them into beauties.

Cathy from My 1929 Charmer sewed these beautiful fall leaf pillows.

I’d love to have one of these sitting on my couch.  Beautiful!

Lauren from All Things Homie gets the award for decorating EVERYTHING.

Is this clever or what???? I just cracked up when I saw this on her blog.  She said, “My husband thinks I’m officially crazy.” Oh my gosh, too, too funny.  She shows a before pic (thermo without the frame/thermo with the frame) and it does look  better!! Great job Lauren.  Maybe I will do a linky party with everyone’s framed thermostats or better yet…”What did you frame this week?” Our husband’s will send all of us to the loony bin! ha!  We would decorate that too, wouldn’t we?

I had a week when, I swear, if it didn’t move I’d spray paint it black.  Anyone ever have that kind of week?  My husband thought I was crazy too…I don’t know what he’d do if I framed the thermostat….guess I need to do it!

Ready for another Linky Party? Here comes #2!  Please no give aways or Etsy shops.  Please, please, please grab a button in the column and paste either in your specific post or on your side bar.  I would really appreciate it…and don’t forget to pick at least 2 people and leave a nice comment about what they linked up.  We all love to find comments in our in-boxes.  Right? Right!  So link away.  PLEASE NOTE:  Your image will be in the #1 position when you link up! This gives everyone the opportunity to be #1.


Baby Nursery Curtains

Whew! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday.  Where did the week go?

I have been diligently working on Baby Giada’s nursery.  It is looking so darn cute I can hardly stand it!

The curtains are done…

(To the right of the picture are shower gifts that took up the whole side of the nursery!)

Annie (Giada’s Mom) originally wanted to go with white curtains, gold/brown velvet monogram and instead of scallops, the valance was going to have “points”.  You can see Annie’s inspiration here.  Instead, we went with this raspberry floral fabric that I found at Home Fabrics. We used a sheer material for the curtains.

The “G” is made from a dark brown velvet.  I used my Silhouette, downloaded the “Curly” font and cut that baby right out! It was so easy!  I spent more time (2 hours) looking for the perfect font.  I wanted something that was feminine and cutsie!  I ♥ this font.

Now, I wish that I could take credit for making these curtains, but I can’t!

My dear friend, Denise, made them.
Whipped them out in 1 night…just like that!

Denise ironing valances.
She is amazing!
Thank you Denise!

We put the valance up first and I worked at pinning the “G” on.
Once I got it centered, we took the valance back down and ironed it on.

I promise it’s not black!!!

What’s a room without a chalkboard?
This was fun painting it pink, distressing and glazing with a sparkly gold.

This picture isn’t the best.
Darn sun was coming in…

The next hurdle is sanding, priming (I’m not using Annie Sloan Paint) and painting Giada’s dresser.

Annie will be glad to get this dresser in the room so she can put all of the beautiful gifts she received from her shower away!

Giada is due to arrive into this big world mid-May.
We still have frames and a toy chest to paint and chevron frames to make.
I’ll be sharing as I finish the projects!

Have a great day!!

I’m partying this week with these awesome blogs:

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Link Party #16 Highlights – “Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able”

Welcome to Link Party #16 Highlights!

I’m amazed at how many people linked up projects this week!  Where in the world are you guys getting all the energy and creativity after the holidays? Please tell me, because I really, really need some!  My creativity went right out the door with 2011!  I’m praying that I get it back…. I haven’t linked up to any link parties because I have nothing!  Okay, I do have a little something that I made on my new Silhouette Cameo which I will be showing you soon!

So let’s start the highlights out with some re-do and up-do furniture!

Bethany from Pitter and Glink purchased a $2 ugly brown bookshelf from a thrift store and check out what she did to it!

Love the media she used to decorate the back of the shelf.

While we are talkin’ book shelves, look what Emily from Emily’s Upcycled Furniture created with drawers.

I love the cleverness of this! So easy, cheap and
wouldn’t it be cute in a child’s room?
I guess I should give credit where credit is due….
Emily came up with the idea :-)…
But Mrs. Emily put them together and painted them and did a fabulous job!


Kim from Made In A Day made this awesome Fabric Nail Head Cabinet from a cabinet she already had.

She saw a similar cabinet in a store window and knew that she could replicate it very easily…
Love the fabric Kim AND the nail heads.

Made in a Day


This next project that Kim (another Kim) from Maidendshade created for a baby shower just makes me smile!

Is this the cutest thing you ever did see???
Doesn’t it make you smile??? 🙂 🙂
She has a great tutorial to show you how she did it.
Wish I had a baby shower coming up….I’d make it!

Maiden D'Shade

I’m lovin’ this next one.  Megan from Miss Madison’s Charmed Life talked her husband into helping her make a
Tufted Rhinestone Headboard for their master bedroom.
I love the way it turned out.
Head over to her blog for an easy to follow tutorial.

Miss Madison’s Charmed Life

Next up is the talented Andrea from The Cottage Market.  She made these Pottery Barn Knock-Off Crystal Candles.

They are so pretty and elegant and very easy to make!

This next one is so sweet…Maysem from Odetoinspiration made this cute little girl’s outfit.  She calls it Silhouette and Ruffles.


How about a little food?  Jessica from O-Alouette shared the recipe for these Chicken Pockets.

These looked so good to me and definitely a crowd pleaser for the family.
Quick and easy too!

Thanks so much everyone for linking up your awesome projects!

If you’d like, grab a featured button.


Green Chair Re-Do

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was pretty quiet…football game, dinner with friends, quiet Sunday.  I’m not sure it gets any better than that…unless I added thrift store shopping and garage selling!  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m in waaay over my head with projects! Yikes!

My BFF and I have a Christmas boutique we are/have been getting ready for the last few months…we thought we would have tons of time this summer to work on everything…guess what? Summer is GONE and we are in CRUNCH TIME mode.

I’m excited to show you some of our stuff we are re-doing…I’ll make it an effort to take some pics tomorrow and post a few.  We are making some headway.  Anyway, I’m trying to stay out of the thrift stores!!!!!

Awhile back, I purchased 2 chairs for $7.50 each.  I finished the red one in Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk(which is gonna kill me to part with).  You can see it HERE.

I’m almost done with the green one.  I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Olive Green. I just have clear wax on it right now.  Still debating about adding the dark wax to it.  I love the red tones of the wood under  Olive Green.  Once the clear wax dries, I’ll buff it out and maybe put a little dark wax on and see if it changes the undertones of the wood…I can always wipe it off!

Here is what the chair looked like when I brought it home.

Here is what it looks like now (with 1 coat of Annie Sloan’s Olive Green Chalk Paint and Clear Wax).

I’ve had this fabric FOREVER and knew that someday I could use it on something.  Not bad for $7.50, a little bit of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, wax and elbow grease!  I ♥ thrift stores!!!!

PS Update on bathroom re-do….nothing.  Nada.  Not one thing has been changed or finished…hopefully we’ll get a few things done this week.  Cross your fingers and your knees and toes!!!!

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