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Mommy and Me Journals

I came across a great idea that a “friend of a friend” had pinned on Pinterest (yes, I have become a stalker!).  Jenn, from Mama Jenn Blogs had posted about a Mommy and Me Journal.

I pinned it and thought it was such a cute idea, but wasn’t sure that my boys would think it was as special as I did.   I decided to give it a try anyway.

My oldest son had been gone for a few days visiting his grandparents.  I wanted him to know how much I had missed him while he was gone.  I found a composition book, wrote a letter to him and left it under his pillow.

Much to my surprise, that night, under my pillow I found the notebook with this letter back to me!

He loved it!! He was giggling and so excited!!

It has been over a week and every night I have gotten a letter back from him. Because Alex is more on the quiet side and not a big talker or writer, when I write my letter to him, I ask him questions.  I have also found the cutest jokes online.  I write them in the book and HE LOVES THAT!!!

I decided to try a journal for my 3 year old.  For his,  I drew a picture and told him to draw me one back.  He was so excited.  He draws me a picture every night after he finds my picture that a drew for him, in the book under his pillow.  I have the cutest pictures all in one book!

These were so easy to make. I just got composition books (that I picked up at Walmart for under $2). I cut and glued card stock and then used scrapbook stickers for the letters and the decorations. Quick, easy and so far a big hit!!!!!!!!

These notebooks are so special and I know years from now, I will treasure all these special letters and pictures between me and my boys.

Thanks Mandy for having me!!!

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Emergency Contact Phone Numbers and A Free Printable


We recently had to change our emergency numbers due to the move.

The boys were having a hard time memorizing our new numbers
(home and cell phone numbers) and their address.

I decided I better be prepared.
You never know what can happen
(especially with four boys and an accident prone mommy) :-).
I even taught my four year old how to call for help!

As I went to hang up my sticky note with the numbers on the fridge,
I realized I needed something a little more permanent and cuter.

After searching a bit, I found this amazing digital scrapbook kit from
A-Manda Creation.
You must check out her store,
she has adorable stuff and so reasonable!!!

I made up an “Emergency Contact Form” with her graphics.
It came out pretty cute
(better than the sticky note for sure)!

Amanda was kind enough to allow me
to post it on the blog and share it with all of you.
Thank you Amanda!

Click HERE for a free printable.

EMergency Contact numbers

Have a wonderful week!


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Mesh Christmas Wreath Tutorial (Re-posted from last year)

Hello everyone! If you are like me, you’re  busy getting ready for company coming for Thanksgiving.

I’m so excited.  Everyone will be home!!!!

I noticed today that my mesh wreath Christmas tutorial from last year got more visits than the main blog page!

How does that happen?

So here it is…. on the main page :-)…

A re-run from last year.


I made such an easy wreath a few days ago…and I remembered to take pictures!

I have never made one of these mesh wreaths before.
It was soooo easy.  Anyone could do this.

1.  Lay your wreath on a flat surface and “fluff” the branches so they are sticking up and out.

I purchased a 22 inch wreath from Michael’s.  It was $2.99

2.  Scrunch up your mesh.

You can purchase the mesh at Michael’s, but our Michael’s was sold out so I went to a wholesale florist shop to purchase it.
It runs about 12.99 a role.

3.  Lay your scrunched part of the mesh in between 2 branches.

4.  Twist the 2 branches around your mesh.

5.  Repeat the scrunch and twist about every 6 inches until you come to the first loop.  Tuck the ends through the wreath
so they are hidden on the backside of the wreath.

6.  Next, cut ribbons (I used 2.5 inch wired ribbon in two different patterns) in 6-8 inch strips and randomly “twist” them
into the wreath just as you did the “scrunch” part of the mesh (you just won’t be making the loop part).

This is what it should look like.

7.  Randomly hot glue your ornaments into the wreath.   Add any type of foliage, randomly placing them into the wreath.
8.  I added two ornaments to the center.   I attached them to a ribbon and then strung the ribbon through the wreath.


What do you think?

I’m hoping to finish up my decorating tomorrow.  I have a Christmas Tree tutorial that I’d like to share with you.  You can see one in the left hand, bottom corner in the picture above.

See you tomorrow!

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Summer Bucket List – Thursdays With Tracie

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Last year was the first time I had heard of a
“Summer Bucket List”

I love lists!!!!
That is the only way I ever get anything done!!!!!

So last summer, I began my own summer bucket list by writing down all the things I wanted to do with the kids for the summer and I stuck it on the fridge.  I am proud to say we finished everything on the list!  The only thing was, by the end of the summer the list was a mangled mess!

This year, I wanted to figure out a way to track all of the fun summer things we will be doing. I love the idea of looking back with the kids and seeing everything we have done for the summer!   Our bucket list needs to be hung up high (a mommy’s level) otherwise it will be used as a teething ring, paper airplane, or a mop!  So this is what I came up with:

I found this cute clipboard at Target in the dollar spot. I got out my scrapbook paper, letters, sharpies, summer stickers and a pack of clothespins.

On one side of the clothespin I wrote what we want to do this summer. Some of the items on our list are camping, tie dye, banana split night, library program, Splash Park, build a fort and Legoland.  On the other side of the clothespins I wrote “We did it!!”

My plan is to start with everything on one side and when we complete it, I will flip the clothes pin around to the other side (the side that says, “We did it!”) and by the end of the summer we hopefully will have all the clothespins flipped!!!

 With my Bored Jar and my Bucket List, I am ready for the summer!!

Thanks Mandy for having me!!!

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Thursdays With Tracie – “Mommy, I’m Bored” Jar

Summer is almost here and I am so excited!
I love summer!
I love swimming.
I love BBQ’s.
I love not having to get up and run around like a chicken getting everyone to school!
I ESPECIALLY LOVE having the kids home.

However, I DON’T  LOVE the “I’m bored blues”
that set in quite quickly at my house.

Last year we did a bucket list for the summer and it was so much fun (which I will share with you in my next post).  This year I wanted to try something different.  After spending some time in Blog Land, I came across Shabby Beach Nest’s blog and I absolutely loved  her version of a Bored Jar!!!  It was pure genius!   So I went to work tweaking it to fit my crew.

I decided I needed something that my boys would not be able to go through and pick and choose what they wanted (“You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” – that’s the rule in this house) and something that would be appropriate for each child. Coloring might be exciting for my 3 year old but my 9 year old would not be amused.

Materials that I used:
1.  Clear paint can (Beverley’s)
2.  3 different colors of scrapbooking paper (1 for each boy, the baby doesn’t need the bored jar yet!!)
3.  Fun ribbon
4.  Glue
5.  Stickers (letters and whatever you have on hand to seal the strips of paper with)
6.  Gallon Ziplock bags.
7.  Tote with lid.

1.  Tie the ribbon onto the handle of the paint can.
2.  Glue ribbon around the bottom of the outside of the paint can.
3.  Cut a circle from the scrapbook paper and glue to the lid of the can.
4.  Using your letter stickers, add “Bored Jar” to the top of the can.
5.  Cut the scrapbook paper into strips (using 3 different colors).

6.  Add your fun ideas to the strips and seal them with a sticker (no peeking!).

Here are some of my ideas:

-For my 3 year old (his color is yellow) I did: bubbles, sock puppets, coloring, design your own shirt (with fabric markers) and sidewalk chalk art.

-For my 7 year old (his color was orange) I did: water balloons, make a paper airplane, bake cookies, clean up playroom (yes, now you see why I want them sealed!)

-For my 9 year old (his color is green) I did: origami, build a Lego ship, build a catapult, make a movie, write a play for the family and clean out the car.

For some of the slips, I wrote surprise, craft and art.
This way, it will be mommy’s choice :-).

7.  For any of the ideas that needed special supplies, I used individual Ziploc bags for each project.

Example: Origami project – I printed ideas off the internet and put those and the paper into the Ziplock bag.
Sock puppets – socks, eyes, and fabric marker into a Ziplock Bag.

I wanted to have the supplies on hand so I won’t be running all over town in 110 degrees purchasing the supplies to do the activity… by the time we would get home, they might not be bored anymore!

8.  I gathered all of my filled Ziplock Bags and put them in a tote, which will be going into my closet so there won’t be any peaking.

  I’m armed and ready for my boys to say, “Mommy, I’m bored”.
Three weeks and counting until summer begins!

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Thanks Mandy for having me, have a great week everyone!


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Cameo Silhouette – The Mr. and Mrs.

I finally got up the nerve to use my Cameo Silhouette…. yes, I was scared of it.  It stayed in the box for two days.  I thought, “This is silly, just take it out of the box and make something!”  So I took it out of the box, set it up on my dining room table and read the instructions.  I hooked it up to my computer and…. didn’t make anything.  It was so intimidating!!!! I just could not believe that this thing could work it’s magic like the instructions say!  Really?  That easy?  I decided to wait until the next day and THEN I would try it.

I was well rested the next day, my chores were done.  I had no excuses.  I sat down at the computer (silhouette was still hooked up to my computer)…. read the directions again and then I dove in…. I knew what I wanted to make…I’d seen it on a blog (don’t remember where – let me know and I will give credit to that blog!).

First, I downloaded a font that I liked (it was super easy) and then I typed what I wanted, loaded up my vinyl and pushed the print button.  Then I waited and prayed I did it right…. and then the machine kicked into gear….and I waited…. and it worked!!! Here is what I made!

I traced the glass from the frame (both frames were thrift store cheap frames) onto some cream colored card stock that I had.  Then I followed the directions on how to put the vinyl onto the card stock.  I reassembled the frames and I was done!

For now, these are going to be going on my husband’s and my night stand.  Once we get our new nightstands and bedside lamps, my plan is to hang them on the wall (between the lamp and the bed).

I’m thrilled with how my new Cameo Silhouette works!
I already have a plan for the next project!!!!

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Children Thankful Journals

This week, a very thoughtful friend emailed me some ideas that she thought I might like to do with the boys. One of those was a “Thankful Journal”.  I loved it and thought it was a great idea.  The boys have loved their “Mommy and me journals”, so I knew they would love this idea.

As a mother, I am always trying to teach my children to be grateful. In a world of give me, give me, give me, it is not always easy. So anything that will help serve as a reminder is always appreciated. I know for myself, having done a thankful  journal, really opened my eyes to be more appreciative of all the wonderful blessings I have in my life.

These journals were so simple to put together.  I went to Target and picked up some smaller spiral notebooks, used my digital scrapbook software and made covers for the notebook.  Next, I printed the covers on cardstock and glued them on.

The boys, as expected, loved their journals! My 4 year old was very excited to put his first entry in the journal. I asked him, “Ok, what are you thankful for today?”  He said, “I am thankful, for my brother’s fish!” That was not the answer I was expecting. I started laughing and then realized that was the perfect answer! I think these journals are going to be good for everyone (including the fish) :-).

 Thank you Carrie for the great idea and thank you Mandy for having me!

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Spring Pretzel Nests


Hello Everyone!
Spring is here and I am ready for it!
I’m ready for the sun to shine, for the  birds to chirp and the flowers to bloom.

The other day the boys and I stumbled upon an empty bird’s nest.  My 3 year old got the biggest kick out of it and was so sad that there were no eggs in it.

As I was cleaning out my car a few days later (swearing that the kids were never going to be allowed to eat in my car again) I found my 7 year old’s stash of sticks and left over pretzel sticks strewn across the backseat.  Looking at the combo gave me a great idea! A PRETZEL NEST!!!  I know what you’re thinking… this lady gets her inspiration from some pretty crazy places! 🙂

My first thought was, “How am I going to get the pretzels to stick together?”  I am a pro at Rice Krispy Treats.. what choice do I have when my kids sign me up for bake sales at school and don’t tell me until the morning of?!  So butter and marshmallows it was.

I began by heating up the butter and melting the marshmallows.

But instead of Rice Krispies, I added a bag of pretzel sticks.

I lined a cereal bowl with wax paper, sprayed the wax paper with non-stick spray and spooned in my mixture.  I sprayed a spoon with nonstick spray and made a little nest shape.  Then, I let it cool.

If you want to make a chocolate nest, melt some baking chocolate and dip the whole nest into it and set it on wax paper until it sets.  They aren’t as pretty as the plain nests, but boy do they taste good!

I added some chocolate candy eggs and a little chocolate duck.   My three year old loved it.  He said, “Mommy, my chocolate duck laid chocolate eggs!’

I think it turned out pretty cute and the boys loved them!

Pretzel Nests

3 Tablespoon butter
1 bag of large marshmallows

Mix with:
1 bag pretzel sticks

Makes 4 large nests.

Thanks Mandy for having me!! Hope everyone has a great week!!


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How to Make a Chore Chart System For Your Children – Part 2

One of the more popular posts I have done is

How to Make a Chore Chart System For Your Children.

Since there has been so much interest on the subject, I decided to do a part 2!

I have learned that with my boys, they love it when I switch things up.

Anything to make chores fun, right?????

These were my favorites.

This ice cream cone chore chart is adorable for preschoolers.

icecream-choretrainerFifth & Hazel


This is a fun way to liven up the chores.




I am definitely going to make these.


Crafty Soccer Mom

If you just want to make a basic printable chore chart, this is an easy site to make one and it’s free!


DLTK’s Custom Chore Charts


If you are not sure what chores are appropriate for which age, I found this fabulous printable.

It not only designates what chores are appropriate, but also gives a goal of life skills to teach at certain ages!
life skills headerBusy Kids Happy Mom

For those of you that prefer an online chore/behavior reward system, here is a fun app I found.

Jo Frost Rewards – aka Super Nanny  (also available for Android)


You can add the names of your children, chores, behavior and rewards and then assign points to everything! If your kids are tech savvy like mine, it might be a great option.  If your children are like my oldest, they can probably set the whole thing up for you too! My boys love this way of tracking their chores.


Lastly, if you are looking for a great chore chart for mommy this is my favorite!!


Motivated Moms

Motivated Moms keeps me on track for those days when I don’t feel very disciplined. I’ve used the print out version and now I have the app for my phone and I love it!!! Yes, even moms need chore charts, at least this mom does.

I am going to let you in on a little secret…

I am a horrible housekeeper,

ssshhh don’t tell anyone

(Don’t worry my husband already knows!)

So this little gem has come in quite handy.  At least it gives me a place to start and I love checking off the little boxes!

I hope you found some new ideas to motivate you.

I know I did.

Spring is just around the corner, time for the cleaning to begin!!!

  Thanks Mandy for having me!!

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Why I Love London

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 I’m fortunate enough to have a husband who has business in London every year.  I love London!  We have gone every year for 5 years now.  London has amazing sites to see and so much history.  The people are so friendly and very polite!  The museums are AMAZING and FREE!!!

A few other things I love about London….

–  Hearing children say, “Mummy” for Mommy in their English accent.

–  When you exit the tube a female voice says, “Mind the Gap”.  The gap is about a 6″ space between the train and the cement!  I don’t know how anyone could accidentally fall in the gap.

–  Visiting the food court at Harrods.  It is beautiful! I would show you pictures but you aren’t allowed to take them.  They have food sections from all over the world!  It is like art!

– If you go down the stairs you stay on the left and when you go up the stairs, you stay on the right.

I love the fact that when we go now, because we have seen all of the “tourist sites”, we get to enjoy just being “a part of London”.  Here are a few pics that I took while we were there (it was a rainy visit this time… but it didn’t stop us from walking the beautiful parks!)

On a sunny, warm day, this park would be full of people (pastie white) soaking up the sun!

You can see that Spring is in the air by the blooms on this tree.

Tulips blooming in Hyde Park.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Londoner’s going about their business…
See Big Ben?
Yes, the double-decker buses are everywhere.

The cutest little taxis.  Looks like a wedding taxi?
I didn’t quite understand that.

Our hotel.
Fly Union Jack, Fly!
The bar at the Dukes Hotel is known for their Martini Bar.
I swear it’s not why I picked this hotel… but their dirty martini’s are to DIE FOR.

See the pigeons on the fence?
1, 2, 3, 4…
Wonder what they were thinking?

Count down to the Olympics!

The largest “square” in London and considered the Heart of London.

A wedding going on at The Abbey.
Must of been a “someone” to be married at The Abbey!

My hubby and I in front of Harrods.  LOVE that place.
Why does he have his fingers in my arm pit?
(Ignore this part… now that I’ve pointed it out to you!!!!) ha! :-).

Hope you enjoyed a bit of London.