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It Can Be Done – Painted Laminate Ikea Changing Table

Remember those polka-a-dotted knobs I showed you how to make here?

Remember how I promised that the next post would be the Ikea Changing Table that the knobs went on?

I believe I promised that almost a MONTH AGO!  Ugh.

Well, here it is….

Ikea Changing Table 2

This was an $80 purchase off of Craig’s list.

Of course, I don’t have the before picture
(I never think of taking a before picture – which I need to work on).

Trust me, it was brown and and ugly and had fake knot holes.

I painted the changing table first with KILZ Premium Primer

KILZ® Premium Primer

This stuff is great because it prepares the laminate
to be painted with a latex paint.

PLUS it’s water and soap clean up!

Next, I lightly sanded it with 120 grit sandpaper to smooth the primer’s surface.
I wiped it down really well with a lint free rag and I was ready to paint.

I used a Valspar latex (satin) paint in a beige.  I painted two coats and then distressed it lightly.

My last step was to add 3 coats of Polyacrylic to protect the surface.

This stuff is great.  I use it on projects that have a “high” traffic area.

Next project is the crib.

I promise I will post the crib a whole lot sooner than I posted the changing table.



Red and White Polka Dot Wooden Drawer Knobs

Polkadot Knobs

I’m in the process of working on another nursery.  I re-did an IKEA changing table (will show you soon!) and wanted to make some red and white polka dot knobs. My challenge was what to make the polka dots with… remember, I can’t even draw a straight line!

Polka Dot Knobs2

I found an awesome set of daubers that Martha Stewart makes.

Plaid Craft Martha Stewart Daubers

I purchased mine from Joanne’s, but Walmart and Michael’s has them also.  They are perfect for making polka dots!  With 6 of them in the set you can make different sizes.

Before I decided to make my own knobs, I decided to look around Etsy and get some ideas…. Oh My Goodness, just have to share some of the ones that I came across!  They are adorable!!!


dots2 dots3


knobs7These laundry room knobs are to DIE FOR!!!!!

All of the above knobs are made by LisaEverettDesigns on Etsy. They are ADORABLE and I WANT THEM ALL!!!!

knobs5Too cute – very preppy colors 🙂

LeilasLoft on Etsy

knobs6HobKnobin on Etsy

Did I pique your interest in knobs?????

I could show you a million that I came acrossed and LOVED.

Until next time…

I’m sharing at these great parties that are going on now!

By Stephanie Lynn 

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