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Link Party Highlights #30 – “Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able”

Hello everyone! Whew!  I think I’m FINALLY starting to feel somewhat normal (whatever that is) and getting back into the swing of things.  Vacationing is very hard to do :-).

I haven’t felt terribly creative this past week, but I feel like I’m definitely headed in that direction (must have been all of those fabulous projects that were shared at the link party this past week).  I spent all day yesterday in the yard.  I can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day… in the yard all day and then coming in to shower and having dinner all made!  Heaven.  Anyway,  I’ve got to get my yard in shape before Mother Nature turns the heat up here in Central California.  You know… like those 110 degree days.  Ugh.

I do have a pretty cool project to show you this week… a gift that I made for my BFF before we left for Europe.  So stay tuned…

Without further ado, here are the projects that caught my eye this week.

Jody from Rooted In Thyme shared an adorable project – flowers planted in a pair of vintage baby shoes.

I had seen these on her blog and just loved them.  I was thrilled when they showed up at the Link Party.
Jody also shares another fabulous idea that she added to her garden….
but your going to have to visit her lovely blog to see it.  You’re gonna love it.
A fabulous recycle idea!

Bethany from Pitter and Glink picked up a few thrift store lamps.  Have you ever seen anything like this?

Sooo clever and cute Bethany.
While you are there, check out her craft room…

Mari from Inspired By Family Magazine shared a recipe for Chipotle Coconut Roasted Crockpot Chicken.

I always think of using my crockpot in the winter, but never in the summer.
Using it in the summer is a great way NOT to heat up the house.
Mari shares this easy recipe on her blog.
Looks delicious!

Shari from Turnstyle Vogue Design & Styling shared a wonderful tutorial on these Rope and Glass Cloches.

They are amazing!
She also has a tutorial on how to drill the holes into the glass.

Alese from 2 Crafty 4 My Skirt shared a Potting Table she made for her mother-in-law out of Pallets.

It turned out so cute!

Kimberly from The Brown Eyes Have It shared a recipe for Creamy Tomatillo Ranch Dressing.

This looks so good.
I love salads in the summer and this one is made with
REAL RANCH (not the bottled stuff).

Heather from The Spotted Leopard made these adorable Gift Card Boxes.

Wouldn’t you love to give this to someone with a gift card in it?

Virginia from ArtsyVaVa made these Upcycled Olive and Pickle Jar Candles.

She has an easy to follow tutorial on her blog.
They are so pretty lit up.

Kim from Reposhture put together this $3 Placemat Purse.

Who would have ever thought you could make a placemat purse????
Oh, so clever.  Great job Kim!

Creative Lady Of the House made these adorable Pillow Beds for her grandchildren.

I would love to make these for my grandchildren.
I try to make them comfy beds when they come to visit.
These would be perfect to stow away in the closet so they would
have something comfy to sleep on at Nana’s house :-).

Thank you to each and everyone of you for sharing your wonderful projects this past week.  I look at each and every one of them.  My favorite thing to do every morning with a yummy cup of coffee.

If you were featured, I’d love it if you grabbed a “feature button” and posted it on your blog so others can join the party.

Ready for Link Party #31 – “Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able”? 



Happy Mother’s Day

If you are looking for the Link Party –
“Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able”

I did it!!! I made a banner/word art!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how long I have been wanting to learn how to do this.  Finally, figured out how to make one on PicMonkey.  Now, I know it’s NOT THE GREATEST, but I’m awfully proud of it….. it did take me about 3 hours.  Ha!  You think I’m kidding, don’t you?

Here are some of my favorite quotes that I have come across lately on the web.   I think motherhood is kind of like being in-love.  It’s awful and wonderful at the same time and you don’t want to live without it!  Isn’t that true?

Wishing all of you mother’s (gosh, that doesn’t sound very nice) a….


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Welcome to Link Party #30 – “Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able”

Hello Friends!
I had a wonderful 2 week vacation and I’m excited to share with you.

First, I need to get a little rest and get caught up on “life”.
The 9 hr. time difference is killin’ me…
Ever feel like you need a vacation after a vacation?

In the mean time, let’s get this party started!

Welcome to Link Party #30!
“Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able”

I can’t wait to see what you are going to share this week!

Rules for the Party:

1.  Please no Etsy Shops, Businesses, or Giveaways.
2.  I’d love it if you followed me on Linky Follower! (Right hand column).  Leave me a comment so I know to follow you back.
3.  Grab a button please and post anywhere on your blog.
4.  Please link up something NEW that you have not shared before.  Link up only YOUR work and not someone else’s.
5.  Most important – please visit someone who has linked up and leave a kind comment.  Don’t you be a “hit and run” blogger  now :-).  It only takes a few minutes to say “hi” to someone new!  We all love comments!


Cardstock Paper Leaves Tutorial By 52 Mantels

Hi! I’m Emily from 52 Mantels, a blog about all things home including weekly mantel makeovers, easy DIY projects, seasonal crafts and simple recipes! I’m blessed to be the stay-at-home mother to one adorable little girl and the lucky wife to an ever-supportive hubby (who puts up with my endless projects!). I am SO happy to be here at Project Queen! Mandy always has such inspiring ideas!

I shared this tutorial for  cardstock paper leaves on my blog last Fall, but it works so well with my Spring decor, I thought I’d share it again with you today! I originally saw this picture on Pinterest and was inspired. Inspired to pin it to my Future Projects board. And, inspired to give it a try. Of course, I had to do it my own way!

I started with a stack of pretty papers. I chose papers from my stash that was printed on both sides, which kept me from having to line up my leaves perfectly with another leaf. Smart, eh? I did this project with my momma and she chose beautiful autumnal colors. But, I wanted to be able to use this tree beyond Fall (and so glad I did!). My mom also differed in her method in that she used a leaf pattern to trace and cut her leaves. But, I simply stacked a few papers together and cut freeform leaves. I didn’t even worry about them being slightly different sizes. I just went for it. To make my stems, I took a short length (maybe 3-4 inches) of wire, sandwiched that between two leaves and glued it all together.

I wired all the leaves until I had a nice pile and then began the assembly. The sticks came from my mom’s yard and I arranged them in a vase before I put the leaves on. To add the leaves, I wrapped each wire around an area of the stick.

And, that’s that! A very simple and fairly quick project that makes for a pretty display! I’ve had mine since the Fall and they’ve held up beautifully!

I’ve used them on both a FALL themed mantel and a SPRING themed mantel. Perfect for both! And, currently they’re hanging out on my entry table (again!). Every bit of my decor gets regularly rotated to keep fresh content on my mantel. So, this vase of sticks has definitely traveled the house!

Thanks for letting me come visit today, Mandy! I hope you’re having a wonderful vacay!


52 Mantels52 Mantels52 Mantels

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Volunteering With Kids and Teaching Them to Give Back

A few years ago I was on a search for something that I could do to teach my boys the value of giving back and helping others. I was disappointed to find that many of the volunteering organizations didn’t participate in children volunteering.  Not that I blame them!!! My boys are very active! ☺

Then I found “Binky Patrol”. For those of you have never heard of Binky Patrol.  “They make blankets and give them away to children and teens in need, it’s as simple as that.”  I was so excited!  We could make a blankets!! My boys love quilts – crocheted or fleece tied. I can crochet (nothing fancy), but that wasn’t something the boys could do easily. So I checked out some fleece tying tutorials online and saw that they were so easy!

I took the boys to Joann’s where they each got to pick out fleece for their blanket to make and give away. The boys were so excited and we talked about how they were going to go to a boy or girl that really needed them. We all worked together.  It was a great family activity.

When we finished our blankets we took them to our local Binky Patrol Chapter, which for us, is in Lincoln, CA. We met the most wonderful person, Terrie, who is the director for that chapter. Terrie is one of those people that you instantly love the moment you meet her! Her commitment and generosity never ceases to amaze me.  She is truly wonderful and one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of meeting…. and she made my boys feel so welcomed!

After we delivered our blankets, I really wanted to help even more. Terrie gave the boys and I the rare opportunity of delivering the blankets to those that needed them. Binky Patrol delivers blankets to Children’s Hospitals, NICU’s, children’s homes, homeless shelters for women and children, Child Protective Services, and a variety of other places that have children in need.

I never realized how many children are really in need. It was an eye opening experience for the boys and I, especially when we delivered them to the homeless shelters.  The boys realized the kids there didn’t have a home and the homeless children were so excited about getting a blanket of their very own.

My boys realized that day that they are very blessed.  It wasn’t about them. It wasn’t about getting the next toy. It was about helping others and giving back.

Thanks to the Binky Patrol, my children have learned a lesson that is truly a gift unlike any other.

“There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.”

The Binky Patrol always needs donations!!!

If you would like to donate to the Binky Patrol, here is the main web site.
You can check to see if there is a chapter near you.

 Lincoln, Ca chapter site

Thanks Mandy for having me.

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Knock Off Anthropologie Cup By The Cottage Market

Hi everyone, my name is Andrea and I am so honored to be guest-posting for Mandy (what a doll!) I would like to share a very simple project with you that has been very popular…hope you enjoy!  Sending hugs to Mandy as she enjoys the European Life!

 This is not a “Knock Off” but an extension of an idea : )from Anthropologie!
The reason this came about is that my kids gave me an Anthropolgie Mug for Christmas with the letter M for Mom on it…I have said that I love them and someone was listening!(by the way…they said they wanted to get 3 A’s…then it would say MAAA!!! 🙂  I was looking at it and then looking at the collections of “single” mugs I have accumulated and thought…hmmmmm this would be a great way to make those soul survivors kind of fun and funky and maybe even use them as gifts just to say “I’m thinking of you”
Simple Steps
You will need a nice clean mug!
You will need a porcelain paint market or a tube that you can use like a pen or use with a paint brush.
Draw on your Initial (any style…upper or lower…any size…whatever your little heart desires) Then follow the package directions to cure the ink…requires a very short baking period and then it is permanent ready for the coffee!
You can do one for everyone in the family…do them on drinking glasses…mugs…tea cups you find in the Good Will…vintage mugs…the list is endless! I think you will have tons of fun with it!  
They will make great gifts…add some yummy tea bags…some fresh coffee beans…maybe a vintage spoon and wrap pretty…a perfect gift for anyone!
Sending tons of 

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