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Gotta give a “shout out” to Ange at the Blooming Hydrangea for putting together an amazing event – ROOMSPIRATION!  I cannot wait until Monday to see all the room inspirations… you won’t want to miss these so mark your calendars.

In case you don’t recognize the woman in the picture…It’s me. Didn’t recognize me from the back…did ya????  Such a cute picture.  I wonder where she is going? Her little suite cases all matching.  I would not want to be sitting in the car, no a/c in that netting….sweating…..(ha! poet didn’t know it)….


Yup, getting ready to head on a party bus with a group of senior citizens (my Mom talked me into going) to Laughlin, Nevada! Whoohoo!  A little bit of heat, dust, money dropping and buffets is what I’m looking forward to …. oh yea, and BINGO on the bus!  Ha! The 5 hr. ride on the bus part isn’t my cup of tea…BUT, being with my Mom and making memories is something that I will remember forever.

I will have my laptop and will be keeping up with all the news and linky parties.  If all goes right, I will be posting a few blogs I have in my back pocket :-).

I pray that everyone has a safe, enjoyable weekend.



Vintage Blue Table Reveal

My daughter, Madison, needed a table in her new apartment, but it had to be small.  I looked and looked and looked.  FINALLY, found a really cute table with 4 chairs at a thrift store.  The chairs had rusch in them.  Only 1 of the chairs was in “sitting” shape.   The others were falling apart.  The seats had definitely seen better days.  The table was in beautiful shape and came with 2 leaves.  I couldn’t resist and paid $150 for it.  Probably a little on the high side, but it was perfect and I was running out of time.  Madison wanted me to paint it and distress it in her favorite color, vintage blue, so I knew I’d better get a move on!  (I also found her an amazing headboard and foot board…more on that one later).

Here is one of the chairs.  This is the one that was in good shape.

Cutting the rusch out with a Fat Boy knife.  Love these things!

Ready to be painted!

I got one picture of the table and now I can’t find the darn thing in my iphoto!!! Ugh.  The table looks just like the chairs.  That type of wood, same color.  Can you picture it????

I painted the chairs and table with Annie Sloan‘s Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint.  I distressed it and then added Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax.  I would have loved to have used the dark wax on this, but it tends to turn the Duck Egg Blue a greenish color.  Very pretty, but not what Madison wanted.

I DID NOT wax the top of the table.  Instead, I put Minwax Polycrylic on it (be sure to use the water based kind so it won’t yellow).

I wanted it to be tough and resilient to whatever those college kids do on it….I’m not going to think about this….

Next, I cut a template out of cardboard that would fit the top of the chair and then my hubby used the template to cut the seats out of 1/2″ ply wood.

I covered them with a piece of 1 1/2″ foam, 3 pieces of cotton batting and then with a paisley print fabric that Madison had picked out.

Ready to see how it turned out???


What do you think???? Madison loves it and I’m pleased as punch!

Mia and Tux like it too.  Tux looks a bit irritated doesn’t he?

Love the curves….

and the legs…

hey, are we still talkin’ about a table here????

and the top…

After the “photo shoot” (I feel like I can say that since I got my new camera) my hubby and I sat down at the table and had a glass of wine.  Very nice.

I’ve got some other projects I’m working on…Madison’s head and foot board, chairs….the list goes on.  I need more hours in the day!

Can’t wait to show you my thrift store finds!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!

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What’s a Cloche?

CLOCHE: pronounced closhe (the “o” says it’s name and the “e” is silent); noun

1.  a woman’s close-fitting hat with a deep, bell-shaped crown and often a narrow, turned-down brim

2.  a bell-shaped glass cover placed over a plant to protect it from frost and to force it’s growth

3.  a bell-shaped metal or glass cover placed over a plate to keep food warm or fresh

The French developed the Cloche (aka Bell Jar) in the late 1800’s.  They used the cloche to protect an early garden plant from cold and frost which would hasten the crops to maturity.

This is what they were originally used for:

Pretty cool huh? My first thought is, these are pricey! Wonder how much each one of these large ones would cost to use in the garden and cover your lettuce?????

I always called them a “dome”.  How’s that for “okie” talk????

I love the way a cloche makes whatever it covers look so special – fancy – sparkly.  I feel like a little kid…whatever is under the dome cloche you aren’t allowed to touch…which of course, makes me want to touch it more.

Look how beautiful these are and all of the different items they are covering.  See the picture with the lemon being covered?  Doesn’t that lemon look special???

Do you have a cloche? What do you put under yours?  I think I’ll take a trip to Homegoods and see if I can rustle me up one and put something pretty under it…like a pumpkin!

It’s tough living in California (central valley) and getting into the fall spirit when it’s still HOT! I’m soooo tired of it.  My husband doesn’t think it’s hot until it’s in the 100’s.  Ugh.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping to finish up on my daughter’s table and chairs today.  I’ll reveal tomorrow!



Bathroom Tile

Happy Labor Day! I hope that everyone is having a relaxing 3-day weekend.

The bathroom re-do is coming along.  OF COURSE, we ran into some problems…what else is new?  Isn’t anything easy-peasy anymore????

I purchased the green tile last year from Lowes on clearance.  I loved the color.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  We figured out how much I needed and then purchased extra.

Last weekend my son-in-law Brandon, demos the bathroom (see bathroom demo blog here) counts the tiles and says, “You don’t have enough.”  What the heck?  I call Lowes and of course, they don’t have it…no where to be found.  Ebay has it for $17.00 a box but it will cost almost $80 a box with shipping!  Yea, I jumped right on that one. Ha!

Brandon and I head to Lowes and Home Depot to figure out what other tile we can mix with it.  We decide on black and ivory.  We buy a bunch of 6 x 6 and all of the different fancy trims and head home to figure out a new design.

After laying out all of the tiles on the front porch, Brandon and I came up with an awesome design! Soooo exciting. Brandon counts everything out (adds extra) and we are ready to tile.

Fast forward to this weekend… Brandon begins putting up the thin-set mortar and starts to tile.  Here is what it looks like:

Then Brandon says, “I need the 2 other boxes of doily tile” (those are the fancy ones in the middle of the 2 black lines).  I head to the front porch.  Not there.  Then to the garage.  Not there.  At this point I’m getting a little panicky.  My hubby, Steve, and I look EVERYWHERE.  No where to be found.  Ugh.  I could cry.  At this point, we need to make a decision because things are starting to dry.  I make the executive decision to go with plan B.  Plan B? Do we have a Plan B???????

Here is Plan B:

What do you think?  I really like it.  Whew!

We talked about what we would do if we found the box of missing tiles.  Would we rip this all out and go with Plan A? What would you do???? Plan B is growing on me.

Unfortunately, this fiasco put us a bit behind because we had to take a bunch of the tiles off, clean them, etc.

Brandon lives in Sacramento, so he headed home in the late evening and will return in a few weeks, which actually works out fine because I finally decided on a vanity LAST NIGHT and ordered it from Home Depot.  It will take a 7-10 days to receive it.  I didn’t order it with a counter top because I want it to be tiled to match the shower.

I love the simple lines of it.  I’m going with a 24″ so it will be a stand-alone and not look like it’s mounted to the wall.

Here is the floor tile:

So there you go.  Bathroom update.  Whew!  It’s coming out great and I’m very happy with it!

It will be a few weeks before I do an “unveiling” of the bathroom!  September is a crazy month for us.  It might not be until Christmas when it’s done! ha!

I’ve got some great posts coming up this week.  You won’t want to miss them.  Be sure to stop back by.

P.S.  Still no sign of the boxes of missing doilies.  We are thinking they were stolen off the front porch!


Alert: Crazy Woman on the Loose!

It’s Friday!!!! No Chore/No Guilt Friday!!!! HA HA HA!  That’s not happenin’ for me today.  This is me: (except with brown hair)

I have way too much going on!  Of course, all of this is of my own doing.  Why?  Because I think I’m super woman and I’m thinking I’m a little A.D.D. and I want to PLAY all the time!  That’s pretty much what it is in a nutshell.

I have been thrifting and I have things everywhere…I mean EVERYWHERE!  We are not talking little things either.  We are talking BIG things!  Any of you out there  in the same boat as I am????? Ugh.  PLUS, I have messes everywhere.  NOTHING is FINISHED.

Okay, so this is literally what I have to do (picture me talking to myself…the dog at my feet trying to get me to play…I’d take a picture but then I’d be off on another tangent…)


Okay, HERE I GO!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!






The Schluter Shower System

Can you say that 3 times really fast????

It’s okay to admit this is kinda boring.  I think it’s kinda boring too, BUT it’s worth the mention.  So many of us are re-doing our bathroom showers.  The Schluter Shower System (SSS) is a do-able DIY project.  You don’t have to hire a sub-contractor to build a mortar bed and hot mop or a liner.  The SSS is a lot like hanging wallpaper.  The membrane is hung and glued with unmodified (no adhesive) mortar.  If it’s done properly, it is totally waterproof.  My husband has put these in our rental properties and we have had absolutely no problems.  We purchased ours from a floor/tile company in town.  But, they can be purchased on the internet

1st Step (after demoing the shower): Hang the water resistant dry wall aka “purple board” and apply a thick layer of mortar (unmodified).










2nd Step: Apply the orange membrane and work out the bubbles (just like wallpaper!)



3rd Step: Mortar on the seals (these go over the shower spigot and the shower valve).

4th Step: Place the styro foam drain into the drain hole.  Measure the left and right side of the shower pan and cut the styro foam to fit.  You can see that they fit together like a puzzle.  Next measure the front of the shower pan and cut the shower curb to fit.

5th Step: Apply the orange membrane to the shower pan and shower curb with the mortar just like you did to the shower walls.










6th Step: Seal the corners with a corner seal (I didn’t get a pic) which makes it completely water tight.

At this point, you would be ready to tile right on top of the orange membrane (the above picture shows the cement board already in). BUT, I wanted an edge on the shower, so we put up 1/2 inch cement board over the orange membrane with mortar and then screwed in the cement wall boards.

Tomorrow, I’m painting the walls in the bathroom.  Here are my choices.  I’m going with the middle one.  Warm, but neutral.  I’ll have a lot going on with the tile design in this small bathroom!










Here is my tile “layout”.  Not a great pic.  Didn’t have my new fancy, shmancy camera at the time.  The black/white check is the shower floor, green/black, then white/green, then green/black again.  Haven’t decided on what color (probably black) to do the edges in.

Brandon will be here on Friday to tile the shower and laundry room/bath floor.  I still haven’t found a vanity I like.  Oh well, who needs a sink anyway????